Facility Rentals

Plan your next meeting, conference, concert, or social event at Centralia College. Campus facilities are available for both private and community events or activities.

Space on campus is primarily designed and dedicated for the instruction of Centralia College students, college activities, and organizations. The facilities are generally available to external organizations, businesses, civic and community organizations, and individuals outside of the college upon request and as space permits.    

Room rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to campus activities, student groups, and college-sponsored events.  

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Campus Locations & Alcohol Policy

TAC Banquet RoomBeautiful venue with Terrazzo flooring for fundraisers and social events.  

Max Capacity: 80-400

Corbet TheatreCorbet Theatre

Charming venue for awards ceremonies, theatrical performances, and concerts. Home of The Twelve Labors of Hercules mural. Features tiered seating, and professional lighting and sound systems.

Max Capacity: 500

Wickstrom Theatre

Great for smaller, more intimate productions.

Max Capacity: 100

Littel Field

Littel Commencement Field

This beautiful landscaping is a perfect outdoor place for weddings and trade shows.

Ward Plaza

Ward Plaza

Located at the center of campus between the three largest campus buildings (TransAlta Commons, Washington Hall, and Walton Science Center). Great for gatherings and photo opportunities.


Parking Lots

Located at various locations around campus. Perfect for car shows, outdoor markets, and trade shows.


TAC Lecture hallTwo large halls with multiple white boards and projector. Great for awards ceremonies and presentations.

Max Capacity: 100

WAH Conference RoomConference rooms, computer labs, and classrooms are available for seminars, testing, and presentations. These spaces can accommodate 15 to 105 attendees. Many rooms include state-of-the-art media equipment.

SWFT CenterBoasting two fully equipped classrooms as well as a large, flexible training space, the SWFT Center is available to community members and businesses to rent for their training needs. Visit the SWFT Center webpages for detailed information on rates, spaces, and more.

Alcoholic beverages will be allowed only with prior approval of the Vice President of Administrative Services as long as user abides by all laws of the Washington State (WAC 132G-124-020) and Washington State Liquor Control Board.  College procedures must be followed. 

In order to serve alcohol on campus the Rental Client MUST have the following items in the Event Services Office 14 business day BEFORE the event start date:

  1. Completed Centralia College Alcohol Application
  2. Approval signature(s) from the Event Scheduler, Vice President of Administration & Finance and the College President.
  3. Banquet (to only serve) or Special Occasions (to sell or auction) permit to serve/sell alcohol obtained from the Washington State Liquor Control Board;
  4. Room reservation confirmation.

Alcohol may only be served to persons over the age of 21 under the terms and conditions consistent with the applicable laws of the State of Washington with the inclusion of the following rules:

  • The College must receive a completed Request to Serve/Sell Beer or Wine on Special Occasions from the College/Rental Client at least 14 business day prior to the event.  Approval by the college is required on this form in order to apply for and obtain a liquor permit from the Washington State Liquor Control Board.
  • A Washington State Liquor Permit (Banquet permit or Special Occasion License) is required for all events where alcohol will be served.  The Rental Client must provide proof of a secured liquor permit to the Event Services Office prior to the event and the permit must be posted at the event in full view at the event or meeting.
  • The Rental Client will take responsibility for and hold CC harmless from ALL liabilities arising from the serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • All personnel hired or not, who will be serving alcohol MUST have a valid Washington State Pouring License. 
  • Additional Security and/or Police Officers may be required for events that serve alcohol on campus.  Additional personnel costs will be charged to the client. 
  • If any of the items outlined above are not completed, the facility rental may be canceled at the direction of the College.


Andrea Dulaney
Administrative Services Manager
Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance