Washington College Grant

Are you a Washington resident? You may be eligible for FREE MONEY for college through the Washington College Grant.

The Washington College Grant provides guaranteed college funding through the state to all eligible residents of Washington State, including low- and middle-income students. The first step toward getting funding through the grant is to complete a federal or state financial aid application: FAFSA or WASFA.

For those who qualify, the grant guarantees that you’ll get the full Washington College Grant award that you qualify for, eliminating wait lists and letting you start college any quarter with your full grant award.

Important Info on the Washington College Grant

As your income goes up, the award amounts go down. A family of four making $50,500 or less will receive a full Washington College Grant award that covers the full cost of tuition (12 credits) plus state-mandated fees. A middle-income family of four making up to about $92,000 will get some level of aid (i.e. a partial award).

No. Grant funding does not need to be paid back.

Submit the FAFSA or WASFA as soon as possible starting Oct. 1 for the following year. Include CC’s, school code 003772, in your list of schools. Need help? View the How to Fill Out the FAFSA video or contact the Financial Aid Office.

Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) if you are a U.S. Citizen or eligible non-citizen. 
Complete the WASFA (Washington Application for State Aid) if you are a Washington resident and not eligible to complete the FAFSA.

Within 3-5 business days, FAFSA will email your Student Aid Report, which identifies errors and if you're selected for verification.

If you're attending CC, apply to CC and activate your student email.

Check your ctcLink account. Financial Aid will send notifications to your student email. Application status, required documentation, and award information is available in your ctcLink account. 

The Washington College Grant replaced the State Need Grant in 2019. The Washington College grant provides guaranteed funding to everyone who qualifies, while the State Need Grant had limited funding (it ran out quickly) and no funding for middle-income families.


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