Centralia College Policies

Policies are critical to accomplishing Centralia College's mission and goals, reflect the college's values, and ensure fairness and respect in all matters.

college policies

General College Policies

These are the general college policies that govern day to day procedures for faculty, staff, and students.

personnel policies

Personnel Policies

These are the policies that pertain to employees at the college.

instruction policies

Instruction Policies

The policies in this section apply to college classes, programs, and faculty.

student policies

Student Policies

These polices impact students and include the drug and alcohol policy, student conduct, and more.

board policies

Board Policies

The policies in this section are the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees and include such designations as emeritus status and the naming of campus facilities.

student complaint process

Student Complaint Process

Complaints are important. Here is how to file one.