Funding for Undocumented Citizens

DREAMers are undocumented citizens. They are people who were born outside the U.S., who have not become American citizens. Centralia College is committed to making college available to everyone in our community, including DREAMers.


Some undocumented citizens qualify for in-state tuition at Centralia College. 

If you lived in Washington for at least three years immediately prior to and continuously since meeting one of the following requirements:

  • You finished your senior year and graduated from a Washington high school; or
  • You earned the equivalent of a high school diploma, such as a General Education Development (GED) certificate.


How to Apply

  • First, apply for admission to Centralia College.
  • Once you are accepted, sign the Washington Higher Education Residency Affidavit. If you are a high school senior, you must first graduate before you can sign the affidavit.
  • Bring the affidavit to the Enrollment Services Office (TransAlta Commons, second floor, or CCEast). (Faxed or emailed forms without the original signature will not be accepted.)

The Washington College Grant is open to undocumented citizens who meet the program's eligibility requirements, and also satisfy the residency criteria established by HB 1079.

Washington College Grant Requirements

  • Be a Washington State resident
  • Meet income standards (as published by the Washington Student Achievement Council)
  • Attend classes at Centralia College
  • Enroll in at least three credits in an eligible program
  • Pursue a bachelor's degree or certificate, or a first associate or bachelor's degree in any field excluding theology
  • Not exceed five years of Washington College Grant term usage or 125 percent of enrolled program length
  • Not owe a repayment to another student aid program


How to apply

You must submit a Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) application. Make sure to indicate you will be attending Centralia College.


Important Information

If you apply for financial aid as a WASFA applicant, you will be considered for Washington College Grant and other Centralia College aid. It's very important to apply early and meet all financial aid deadlines. 

Being eligible for Washington College Grant does not guarantee an award. Funds are awarded until they run out.

Opportunity Grant

Like Washington College Grant, Opportunity Grant is awarded on a first-come, first serve basis. 

Qualifying Opportunity Grant programs are accounting, business office careers, civil engineering technology, corrections/criminal justice, early childhood education, electronics, energy tech/power operations, medical careers or welding

In order to qualify for an Opportunity Grant, you also must be a Washington resident (established by the Washington Higher Education Residency Affidavit.), meet the income guidelines, and file a WASFA application

Undocumented citizens may be eligible to work at Centralia College. 

Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) is a temporary work permit that can be renewed every two years. It does not grant permanent legal status or citizenship.

If you are granted DACA status, you are eligible to work on campus in student employment and State Work-Study positions.


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