Public Records

The Open Public Records Act requires records maintained by state, county, and city governments be made available to the public. SBCTC is a state agency subject to the Washington State Public Disclosure Act (RCW 42.56).

The Public Records Act Chapter, 44-14 WAC provides model rules to assist agencies responding to disclosure requests.

Guidelines applicable to public disclosure requests received by Centralia College are outlined below.

Centralia College and its employees are required to maintain all documents and records pertaining to its conduct and performance. 

Public records can be written documents, recordings, photos, electronic disks, magnetic tape or email correspondence. All records maintained by Centralia College are available for public inspection unless specifically exempted by law. Public records are accessible under reasonable conditions. You do not have to explain why you want to access a public record, but we may ask you clarifying questions to process your request.

Centralia College is not required to create records. If a record does not exist, then we cannot fulfill your request for public information.

Washington state law specifically exempts some records from public disclosure. Exemptions are designed to protect the privacy of individuals, protect law enforcement or other investigative agencies processes or the legitimate business interests of citizens.

In some cases, we may redact portions of a public record exempt from disclosure. It is our obligation to tell you why a record is exempt.

If you want to review or get copies of the non-public information listed above, it will be necessary for the college to request an Attorney General's opinion about this information. The Attorney General's office has up to 12 weeks to make a decision on whether the information is public or not public.

Once the Vice President of Human Resources & Equity receives a request, a response will be made within five business days.

The response consists of one of the following actions:

  • Release of the record(s)
  • Denial of the request and reason(s) for denial
  • Request for clarification
  • Acknowledge receipt of the request and provide a reasonable estimate of time required to comply with the request. This time period is subject to change depending on the difficulties and size of the request.

Additional information may be needed to clarify your request. To assure public disclosure requests are processed in a timely manner, complete and detailed information is required.

Once a public records request is received, it becomes a public record of Centralia College. When records are gathered to fulfill a request, the records may contain the names of employees, students or third parties. Centralia College may notify individuals regarding disclosure of records that contain their name or other identifiers. Such notices typically include the name of the requestor and/or a copy of the request form.

Requests for public records at Centralia College may be made in writing or email correspondence to the Vice President of Human Resources & Equity.

To make a public disclosure request, please include the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Full mailing address
  3. Contact phone number
  4. Email address
  5. Detailed description of the requested record(s)

By email

Email requests should be sent to

By mail

Send a written request to: 

Joy Anglesey
Vice President of Human Resources & Equity
Centralia College
600 Centralia College Blvd.
Centralia, WA 98531


Joy Anglesey
Vice President of Human Resources & Equity
Centralia College
600 Centralia College Blvd.
Centralia, WA 98531
Email Joy Anglesey