Multisport Athletics Complex

Construction of a new multisport athletics complex at the corner of Iron Street and Centralia College Boulevard began in spring 2022.

Athletics Field - BIrdseye ViewProject TimeLine

The college broke ground on the field in spring 2022. Demolition and site prep as well as electrical, lighting, and water systems prep will take the project into summer. Fences, curbs, and the field base is scheduled to be completed in early fall. Turf installation and finishing work (curbs, fencing, etc.) expected to be completed in October-November.

About the Field

The sports complex, which will include fields for baseball, softball, and soccer, will use modern turf composed of grass-like fibers supported by soft, tiny balls of cork or other material that works like dirt to hold each blade aloft. The turf is porous, allowing rain to flow straight through into a drainage system. There’s no need to wait for the field to dry out to play.

The new fields will encourage more athletic participation and enhance Centralia College’s recruiting power. The college plans to add a men’s soccer team once the field is completed. It already fields teams for women’s soccer, baseball, and softball. Those teams currently play on shared community fields in Centralia.

Athletics Field - Homeplate ViewThe college has been planning for this addition since 1999, when it started buying up the 40-some lots needed for the complex. Students have contributed more than $3 million toward the project through student fees, but more is needed to improve and finish the site.

Support the Athletics Field

The Centralia College Foundation is raising funds to provide ancillary equipment to enhance the athlete and fan experience. The foundation’s recent gala raised money for sound systems for all three fields, as well as portable bleachers for soccer and overflow seating.

The CC Foundation will be seeking donors to sponsor other amenities for this turf field. If you are interested or have ideas, please contact Christine Fossett at 360-623-8451 or