Where is Centralia College?

Centralia College is located halfway between Seattle and Portland on the Interstate 5 corridor. Centralia College is in the heart of Centralia, just blocks from the downtown core.

Campus Map (pdf)Driving Directions

Traveling North on I-5

  • Take I-5 Exit 81 (Mellen Street exit).
  • Turn right and travel east (right hand turn from exit ramp) on Mellen Street.
  • Mellen Street angles to the left and becomes Alder Street.
  • Travel three blocks on Alder until you come to Washington Avenue.
  • Turn left onto Washington Avenue, and travel three blocks.
  • You will be at the southwest corner of the college.
  • Turn right onto Pear Street, and you will be on the south perimeter of the campus.

Traveling South on I-5

  • Take I-5 Exit 82 (Harrison Street exit).
  • Turn left and travel east (left hand turn from exit ramp) on Harrison Street.
  • Harrison Street angles to the right, then to the left, and becomes Main Street.
  • Turn right from Main Street onto Rock Street.
  • Travel one block, and you will be at the northeast perimeter of the campus.


Parking on Campus

Parking permits are no longer required on the Centralia College campus.

Centralia College has nine parking lots on campus in various locations (in addition to street parking). Parking is provided on a first-come, first-served basis in the parking lots.

TAC/Library Lots

Located on Pear Street behind the TransAlta Commons (TAC) and Library buildings

  • Open Spaces: 147
  • Reserved Spaces: 42
  • Disabled Spaces: 17
  • Visitor Spaces: 7

Athletic Field Lot

Located on Centralia College Boulevard across from the Transitional Studies Building between Rock and Oak Streets

  • Open Spaces: 68
  • Disabled Spaces: 8
  • WorkSource Spaces: 36

TEC/SWFT Center Lot

Located on the north side of Pear Street on the west end of campus near the Technology Building and the Southwest Washington Flexible Training (SWFT) Center

  • Open Spaces: 30
  • Reserved Spaces: 5

King Street Lot

Located along the sides of King Street between Washington Hall and the Technology Building

  • Reserved Spaces: 22
  • Motorcycles Spaces: 2


Located on the south side of Per Street behind Washington Hall

  • Open Spaces: 58
  • Motorcycle Spaces: 1
  • Disabled Spaces: 3
  • Electric Spaces: 4


Disabled parking only - located on the north side of the Walton Science Center off Centralia College Boulevard between Washington Avenue and Oak Street

  • Disabled Spaces: 4


Reserved parking only - located off Pear Street behind the Hanson Administration Building

  • Reserved Spaces: 11


Located on Centralia College Boulevard between King Street and Washington Avenue

  • Open Spaces: 79
  • Reserved Spaces: 4

China Creek Lot

Enter off of Centralia College Boulevard or Pear Street between King and Ash streets

  • Open Spaces: 119
  • Disabled Spaces: 2

Visitor parking stalls are located near the south entrance of the Transalta Commons (TAC).

Disabled parking requires a valid Washington State disabled placard. There are 44 disabled parking spots close to most buildings. Cars displaying a valid disabled placard issued to the person in the car are allowed in any parking lot. 

Reserved parking is available for Faculty & Staff in designated areas only and is strictly enforced. These designated spots are fee-based and are specifically assigned, by special permit, to the employee who has paid for the assigned spot.

Motorpool vehicle spaces are reserved for college owned vehicles at all times.

Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks provided for that purpose. Bicycles must not be parked in or against a building or near a building exit, on a path or sidewalk, chained or secured to a tree/light pole/sign post, or parked in such a way that obstructs access to College property or endangers pedestrian right of way. Any bicycle found in violation of these rules may be impounded without warning.

Loading zones may be used for the immediate pick-up and drop-off of passengers or items and provide persons with a disability with a place to be picked up or dropped off safely.

All loading zones are always enforced and are designated tow-away zones.

Disabled vehicles shall not be parked on the campus for a period exceeding 72 hours without authorization from the Safety & Security Office. Vehicles parked over 72 hours without authorization may be impounded and stored at the expense of the owner or operator thereof.

The college is not responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss of vehicle or any article in the vehicle. All such risks are being assumed by the vehicle owner. WAC 132L-117-200.

College Safety & Security office may issue citations for parking. Citations may carry fines depending on the offense. The college also has the authority to impound vehicles that violate parking regulations.

Drivers on campus must obey regulatory and traffic control signs and comply with directions given by Safety & Security officers in the control and regulation of traffic and parking. No stopping, parking, or passing is allowed on the campus roads at any time.

WAC 132L-117-170

All vehicles must park in legal spaces between white lines. Vehicles parked along curbs, roadways, on grass, in loading zones, striped areas, fire lanes, reserved spaces, or over stall lines are subject to a $25 fine. Unauthorized use of a Disability Parking space is subject to a $250 fine.

Parked in a no parking zone, wrong area, improperly, parked backwards or blocking traffic, fire lanes or fire hydrants. $25
Parked in Reserved $30
Parking in a handicap space without a handicap placard or plates displayed $250

For questions, please contact:

Safety & Security Office

Parking citations may be paid in person at the Cashier’s office, TAC 2nd Floor or by phone 360-623-8931 during normal business hours. The citation number must be given to the Cashier.

Parking citations may be appealed by completing the online Parking Citation Appeal Form below. Appeal decisions will be completed within 20 days and you will be notified by email, phone, or letter.


For questions, please contact:

Safety & Security Office

Bus Passes

Twin Transit is not collecting fares for the fixed routes.


Safety & Security Office