Campus Climate Assessment & Listening Session Results Summary

In March 2024, the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Data Subcommittee prepared a Share-Out of our 2023 Campus Climate Assessment and Listening Session results to distribute to the campus community.

In 2021, The Washington State Legislature passed Senate Bill 5227 (SB 5227), requiring institutions of higher education to collect data on diversity, education, and inclusion within their campus communities.The resulting RCW 28B.10.147 mandates that colleges and universities collect this data through the regular implementation of listening sessions and campus climate assessment (CCA) surveys. In 2023, Centralia College engaged in its first round of data collection and launched the ongoing campus climate assessment survey and listening sessions. Based on the timeline established by RCW 28B.10.147, the surveys will be conducted every five years, and the listening sessions will be conducted annually, during periods between campus climate assessments. The responses received during this first round provided important baseline information to guide campus-wide efforts to improve the campus climate and to which to compare future results.

The Data Subcommittee is deeply appreciative of the experiences and perspectives shared by those who participated in the CCA and/or a listening session. While the overall response rates were lower than hoped, the information shared is an important reflection of the campus climate as experienced by those participants and respondents.

Read the JEDI Data Subcommittee Share-Out (pdf)

Analysis of the CCA and Listening Session results revealed three areas of concern:

  1. Students, faculty, and staff are experiencing harm, and this harm has disproportionate impacts.
  2. Some people have considered leaving Centralia College because of experiencing harm.
  3. Employees report a lack of accountability, transparency, and action in addressing campus issues, resulting in a lack of trust.

Centralia College intends to address the CCA and listening session findings. Step one involves communicating and sharing results across campus and with the community. Step two will address gaps and needs across campus. Step three will identify actionable steps necessary to create diversity, equity, and inclusion across campus.

Additional Resources

We realize that some of the questions asked, and content shared may provoke strong emotional reactions.  We have provided a list of supportive and educational resources. Should you decide you need assistance, talking with a trusted support person or a confidential professional may help. Please utilize the campus, local, and crisis support resources listed.


Further Reading(s)

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