Climate Connections Film & Speaker Series Focuses on Climate Education, Collaboration, and Action

Join us for a series of speakers, films, and conversations about climate and the environment


Please Join Us

Centralia College East is hosting a series of films, speakers and conversations about climate from mid-March to the end of April. The events are open to everyone and feature experts on a wide variety of environment-themed topics. The films are being shown at the Roxy Theater on Sundays at 5pm and the speakers are scattered on various days & times throughout the series.

In order to make it available to everyone, the series is free, but if you are able, please consider supporting this effort by registering for the Climate Connections continuing education class for only $20. Registered students will receive the links to the Zoom presentations.

Climate Connection Hubs

Many of the presentations will be available in-person at Centralia College East, as well as virtually via Zoom. Community locations are being set up for group-watching and discussion. (If you would like to host a viewing hub, please call: 360-623-8677.)

Climate Conversations

Rivers Coffeehouse & Bistro will host Climate Conversations before the Sunday films at the Roxy Theater. These informal and unfacilitated discussions will be from 4-5pm. Rivers is located at 212 Main St., Morton, directly across from the Roxy Theater.

Climate Connections Film and Speaker Series

Time/Date/Location Description

Kick-off Event


10am-2pm Saturday, March 16

Centralia College East

Repair & Sustainability Fair

The goal of this free community event is to help people learn how to repair a wide variety of household items to extend their usefulness and keep them from being thrown away. Volunteer fixers will be on hand to mend and fix items you bring in.

Sponsored by WSU Lewis County Master Recycler Composters

2-3:30pm Saturday, March 16         

Centralia College East

Composting Workshop

Learn how to convert organic materials from your yard, garden, and kitchen into nutrient-rich compost to improve your soil, promote healthy plants, and reduce pests.

Sponsored by WSU Lewis County Master Recycler Composters

5pm Sunday, March 17       

Roxy Theater, Morton

Film: 2040

Concerned about his young daughter's future, filmmaker Damon Gameau travels the world in search of new approaches and solutions to climate change. He meets with innovators and changemakers in many fields to draw on their expertise.

6:30-7:30pm Tuesday, March 19

Centralia College East & Online via Zoom

Impacts of the Changing Glaciers at Mount Rainier

Glaciers are receding on Mount Rainier. Learn how the changing volume of glacial ice impacts aquatic organisms, water supplies, hydroelectric generation, river landscapes, increasing sedimentation and frequency of debris flows.

Presenter: Scott Beason, MRNP Geologist

4-5pm Thursday, March 21

Online via Zoom

Washington’s Climate Resilience Strategy

Become familiar with the state’s Climate Resilience Strategy which identifies the highest priority actions to prepare for and respond to the most pressing climate hazards facing Washington. Topics include climate resilience, preparing for and responding to climate impacts, and support of climate response activities.

Presenter: Jimmy Kralj, Climate Resilience Strategy Planner, Dept of Ecology

5-6pm Sunday, March 24         

Roxy Theater

Film: Living with Wildfire

This documentary focuses on the increase of severe wildfires throughout Washington State and the action steps that can be taken to decrease the risk to homes, neighborhoods, and communities.

6-7pm Sunday, March 24         

Roxy Theater

Panel: Is East Lewis County Prepared for Living with Wildfire?

Local fire practitioners and leaders in community resilience, prescribed fire, and fire suppression will talk about how wildfire is impacting East Lewis County, what actions are currently in motion, and how you can be proactively involved to improve the resilience of our communities in response to wildfires.

Panel Members:

  • Sami Schinnell, Cooperative Fire Director / The Nature Conservancy
  • Jennifer Harris, Zone Fire Management Officer, USDA Forest Service

3-4:30pm Tuesday, March 26

Centralia College East & Online via Zoom

The Solar Panel (& Other Home Energy Topics)

Listen to local folks talk about their experience with solar panels on their homes. Learn about solar options from an industry expert in his “Solar 101” presentation. Discover energy efficiency programs available through Lewis County PUD.


  • Donna Ruby and Matt Slaney, Homeowners
  • Kirk Haffner, South Sound Solar
  • Jayln James and Rainee Habersetzer, Lewis County PUD

3-4pm Thursday, March 28

717 Schoen Road, Silver Creek

Farm Tour: Till Next Time Farm (Silver Creek)

Witness and discuss small-scale regenerative agriculture practices with folks working to provide neighbors and friends with healthy vegetables and ethically raised chickens without tilling or using pesticides.

1-2pm Tuesday, April 2

19604 SR 706 E, Elbe

Farm Tour: Perigee Farm (Elbe)

Explore the McCahills’ small-scale management practices as they experiment with regenerative approaches such as rotational livestock grazing, cover-cropping, and no-till methods. Small scale topics include: using native pollinators, developing wildlife habitat, managing invasive species, forest management with the help of livestock, fuel reduction and soil health.


Tuesday, April 2

Centralia College East & Online via Zoom  

Soil Carbon 101

Learn how carbon farming, regenerative agriculture, and climate smart practices all describe methods of farm management that sequester carbon and mitigate climate change, which has led to new policies, programs, and funding for farmers.

Presenter: Dani Gelardi, Senior Soil Scientist and Climate Coordinator, Washington State Department of Agriculture

6-7pm Tuesday, April 2

Centralia College East & Online via Zoom

Carbon In Your Field

This presentation will explain the benefits of reduced tillage or no-till farming, including growing cover crops, planting perennial crops, good livestock rotation practices and agroforestry.

Presenter: Kenna Fosnacht, Education and Outreach Coordinator (Lewis County Conservation District)

2:30-3:30pm Thursday, April 4

Centralia College East & Zoom

Implementing Climate Resiliency Locally

Washington state now requires local governments to implement new rules to address climate change. This workshop begins with an explanation of the new requirements followed by a discussion of local priorities as they relate to climate change.

Presenter: Mindy Brooks, Long Range Planner (Lewis County)

5pm Sunday, April 7

Roxy Theater

Film: Kiss the Ground

Kiss the Ground reveals that by regenerating the world’s soils we can help stabilize the Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems and create abundant food supplies. The film illustrates how soil is the missing piece of the climate puzzle.

11:30am-12:30pm Friday, April 12

Centralia College East

Climate Justice & Sustainability

Learn more about the science of climate change and how climate change connects to social issues. Geology and Sociology Professors will discuss what Climate Justice is and how it connects to our local communities.

Presenters: Rachel Bryant-Anderson and Michelle Harris, Centralia College Faculty

5-7pm Sunday, April 14

Roxy Theater

Geoengineering: Can Science & Technology Fix the Oncoming Crisis?

Solar geoengineering, carbon capture and sequestration – what do these technologies look like and how far out are some of these ideas? Geoengineer Kevin Downing will explore some of these potential climate solutions during this presentation which will include video clips and current research.

10-11am Tuesday, April 16

Centralia College East & Online via Zoom

The Hope & Hype of Hydrogen

How does the most abundant element in the world help us to address climate issues? We will discuss some of the myths, issues, and hope that hydrogen brings to our country and to our state.


  • Monica Brummer, Director, PNW Center of Excellence for Clean Energy
  • Joe Clark, Executive Director, Lewis County Transit

10-11am Thursday, April 18

Centralia College East & Online via Zoom

Climate Challenges & Strategies for Small Forest Owners

This presentation will explore current forest health issues related to hotter, drier summers in western Washington, strategies for climate adaptation and building forest resilience, the changing wildfire landscape of the region, and resources available to support small landowners.

Presenter: Patrick Shults, WSU Extension Forester

5pm Sunday, April 21

Roxy Theater (The kids will be in the Roxy and the parents will be next door in the Tiller Art Center.)


Film: The Lorax  (30-minute animation for kids)

Navigating Conversations about Climate Change with Children (for parents)

This presentation addresses concerns parents may have about approaching the topic of climate change with their children in a developmentally appropriate way. Learn how to evaluate literature on climate and the environment, and gain tools for responding to children’s experiences with that literature.

Presenter: Alisha Williams, Centralia College Faculty

Monday, April 22

Earth Day

Celebration: Packwood

Longmire Springs Brewing

10am-2pm - “Trash to Taps”

Household Hazardous Waste, E-Cycle Collection, Scrap Metal Recycling: This event is taking place in the parking area at Longmire Springs Brewing and is organized by community folks with support from Gifford Pinchot Trash Force, Lewis County, and community volunteers.

 Earth Day Celebration: Longmire Springs Brewing

  • 5-5:30pm   An opportunity to eat, drink, visit
  • 5:30-6pm   For the Earth – A Musical Celebration
    led by Steve Hoecker & Sara Moylan
  • 6-6:30pm   Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker:  Climate Anxiety to Climate Action

As the climate crisis grows more serious, the younger generations are beginning to fear the future and what it might hold. However, sitting and worrying won't change anything. It may seem impossible for one person to have an impact on a problem so big, but the only way to try and fix our mistakes is if everyone unites to reach a common goal. We'll look at the toll climate change has already taken on Earth and the human race, both physically and emotionally, and what steps we can take to move from climate anxiety to climate action.

Presenter: Jasmine Preslicka, Centralia College Graduate/Onalaska Resident

5pm Sunday, April 28

Roxy Theater

Climate Connections – Now What?

The Climate Connections series has been dense with information. How do we summarize the sessions and wrap our heads around what we learned? How do we inform others about or thoughts and commitments? This final gathering of the series will be designed to review the WHAT of climate issues, the SO WHAT of consequences and possible approaches, and the NOW What as we move into the future.

Presenter: Marty Fortin, retired Director of Outdoor Learning Centers, Association of Washington School Principals



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