Resources for Veterans

A number of resources are available to veterans and their families. Connect with the local, state, regional, and national resources, or visit the Veterans Center on campus to learn more.

  • Advising/Counseling Center
    • Several counselors have experience working with Veterans and are certified mental health specialists.
    • Contact: 360-623-8967
  • Disability Services
    • If you need assistance with testing, ergonomically chair or keyboard, require you to bring your service animal, a note taker, or even have classes recorded
    • Contacts: 360-623-8966
  • VA Education Benefits
    • If you have questions regarding what classes will be certified or about your educational benefits Kelly is the person to see.
    • Contact: 360-623-8664
  • TRIO
    • Provides services for low income, first generation -neither parents has received a BA, and disabled indivduals
    • Contact: 360-623-8970
  • Veteran's Center
    • Provide resources for assistance  for food, rent, electric, home/car repair, counseling from various groups in the community and on campus
    • Contact: 360-623-8958 or
  • BFET - Basic Food Employment and Training
    • BFET Funds- Book/supply and tuition assistance for individuals receiving food or TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) assistance from the state
    • Worker Retraining- Available for those "let go" from a job within the past 48 months
    • Opportunity Grant- Provides finds for WA resident students who are training in certain high paying and in demand programs
    • Contact: 360-623-8959
  • Writing Center
    • Staff will take the time to look over papers for you and help you make proper corrections.
    • Contact: 360-623-8841 or
  • Tutoring Center
    • Check out the Tutoring Center in the Walton Science Center room 309 if you need assistance with any of your classes.
    • Contact:



Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse Treatment and Support

  • Veteran's Crisis Line                        1-800-273-8255
  • Alcohol and Drug 24 Hour Hotline     1-800-562-1240
  • American Behavioral Health System   360-748-4776
  • Community Allied Behavioral Health  360-748-3349
  • New Directions Counseling, LLC         360-740-4380
  • Cascade Mental Health Care              360-330-9044

Contact Veterans Services

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