Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa celebrates the academic accomplishments of college students and creates opportunities for leadership and learning development though access to professional courses, service opportunities, college connections and $90 million in scholarships.

PTK InstagramPTK was established in 1918 and deemed the official honor society for two-year colleges by the American Association of Community Colleges (ASCC) in 1929. Centralia College joined the organization in 1958. Since its beginning, PTK has grown to have 1300 community colleges in 11 nations. 3.8 million students have been inducted and there are currently 250,000 active members in the nation.


  • Must have completed 12 quarter hours of associate degree course work
  • Registered for at least one class in current quarter
  • Adhere to the school conduct code and possess recognized qualities of citizenship
  • Grade point average of 3.4 on a 4.0 grade scale to gain membership
  • Grade point average of 3.0 to maintain membership

Member Benefits

  • Membership certificate and pin
  • Access to "PTK Connect" for opportunities to apply for (mostly transfer) scholarships that are exclusively for Phi Theta Kappa members
  • Career training through PTKEdge programs
  • Special discounts and offers through Dell, Enterprise and National, GlobalFit, BetterHelp, etc.
  • Scholarships for associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees

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