Clubs & Organizations

Ready to meet like-minded friends on campus? Join a club or start one  of your own. Clubs provide a great opportunity to get involved, meet people, and feel connected to the college.

Nerds the Gathering
Advisor: Dan Taylor, Email Dan Taylor
Nerds the Gathering aims to provide a safe, local, and responsible environment for anyone who likes nerd-related things, like video games, anime, board games, and Magic the Gathering.

CCEOS (Centralia College East Organization of Students)
(Organization of the Year 2007-08)
Advisor: Lynn Schinnell, Email Lynn Schinnell
CCEOS provides students at CC East in Morton with student activities and programs, helps connect CC East students to the Centralia campus and to ASCC, reaches out to the local communities through activities and events and helps participants develop leadership and teambuilding skills.

Phi Theta Kappa
(Organization of the Year 1994-95, 1999-00, 2005-06 & 2012-13)
Advisor: Sheila Johnson, Email Sheila Johnson
The purpose of the Centralia College Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society of the Two-Year College, is to recognize and encourage scholastic excellence, provide service to the college and the community, provide opportunities to develop leadership skills and a spirit of solidarity among Phi Theta Kappans. The chapter name is Iota Omega. All Centralia College students who have completed 12 college level credits and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.4 or above are eligible for membership. PTK attends their regional conferences and the International Convention. Meets on first and third Fridays of each month.

Community Outreach Club
(Organization of the Year 2006-07, 2013-14)
Advisor: Carrie Johnson, Email Carrie Johnson
To provide members an environment that fosters friendship and a spirit of understanding among all people of the diverse community in which we live, opportunities for community service; and the development of individual character and leadership skills. We seek to create positive change in ourselves, our organization and our community. To achieve these goals, all members are encouraged to take the initiative to lead and/or contribute to Centralia College and their community.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Club
Advisor: Alisha Williams, Email Alisha Williams
The purpose of GSA is to provide education to the campus and greater surrounding community about Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered issues, to provide support to GLBT students in a safe environment and to plan social events for GLBT and straight allies.

Latinxs Unidos Club
(Club of the Year 2009-10)
Advisor: Lilliam Rodriguez, Email Lilliam Rodriguez
To strive for educational, cultural, social and political representation for Latinos. As club members we will provide cultural events and be involved in outreach and community service. Membership is open to all CC students.

Art Club
Advisor: Liz Frey, Email Liz Frey
The Art Club’s goal is to engage with students by discussing art topics, exploring themes in are and how they relate to everyday life, and reviewing the works of other artist and how they inspire us. Students can also work on personal or group projects during the meetings. The club will be hosting in-house events and art shows for the public to view and appreciate during the academic year.

Diesel Tech
(Organization of the Year 1993-94 & 1996-97)
Advisor: Brian Lipp, Email Brian Lipp
This club is for enhancement of the student’s education through meetings, conferences, leadership, team work, training in areas related to diesel equipment and recreational activities including BBQ’s. The club currently is raising and contributing funds to building a scholarship endowment for future diesel students. The club has also sponsored field trips to PACCAR and Freightliner Test Centers, as well as to the Kenworth and Western Star Truck Assembly Plants.

Media Club
Advisor: Wade Fisher, Email Wade Fisher
It is the purpose of the Centralia College Media Club to help educate students about creating media. Members will learn by working on video or radio projects, either independently or in a group effort.

Medical Assistant Club
Advisor: Tara Boerner, Email Tara Boerner
It is the purpose of the Medical Assistant Club to support fellow students who are in the Medical Assistant program and for outreach and education to the public about the program. Including any local, regional, or national affiliations with any other group.

Nursing Club
Advisor: Jenny Bauska, Email Jenny Bauska
Organization of nursing students and pre-nursing students active in educating and promoting health and wellness in the community and on the campus. Social activities are also included.

Speech Club
Advisor: Jeff McQuarrie, Email Jeff McQuarrie
It is the purpose of the Speech Club to provide the students of Centralia College with an opportunity to practice and advance in their public speaking skills.

Theatre Club
Advisor: Emmy Kreilkamp, Email Emmy Kreilkamp
The Theatre Club is a group of Centralia College students interested in furthering their involvement in the performing arts. Participation includes assisting on and off-stage campus productions and annual trips to regional theatres from Seattle to Ashland, Oregon.

ASCC Recognition Policy

The Associated Students of Centralia College (ASCC) recognize student clubs and organizations that will offer opportunities to meet new friends, satisfy special interests, contribute to campus life, and contribute to the intellectual development of students. For a student club or organization to gain recognition from the ASCC, it must have an approved constitution, a staff member as an advisor, and be approved by the ASCC Student Advocacy Activities Leadership Team.

Clubs and organizations may be established, as hereafter provided, within the College for any legal purpose. A group shall become a club or organization when formally recognized by the ASCC Student Advocacy Activities Leadership Team. The following items must be submitted to the Coordinator for Student Engagement:

  • Constitution, outline of structure, or organizational pattern;
  • Statement for financial structure;
  • Determination of application for club or organization status;
  • Outline of proposed activities;
  • Indication of student interest; and
  • Name and signature of college staff advisor.

Once these documents are in order, the group shall be considered for recognition. Clubs and organizations have the option of asking for funding from the ASCC.

Contact Student Life

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Director of Student Life & Involvement
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Student Engagement Advisor
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