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eLearning is your resource for navigating your online, hybrid and web-enhanced classes, including using Canvas, Panopto, and other course tools, online tutoring, web conferencing, and other basic help.

Resources for Students

Canvas is the virtual classroom used at Centralia College. Canvas is a Learning Management System and provides a dynamic, interactive classroom space for students and instructors.

Login to Canvas

  • Username: Your 9-digit ctcLink ID number
  • Password: Same as ctcLink

Learn the basics of using and interacting with Canvas and how to participate in your online classroom.

Connect to the Canvas Orientation

Ask eLearning staff about Canvas, Panopto, online tutoring, web conferencing, tech troubleshooting & training on these programs.

Canvas Help

24/7 support is also available through Canvas for students and faculty. You can contact eLearning at anytime, day or night, and get instant help with all of your questions. 

Here's how to get there:

  1. From your Canvas course, click on "help" in the main canvas menu (the question mark link in the far left menu of the Canvas page, with a dark blue background).
  2. Select chat with canvas support (students) / (faculty) or call the canvas support hotline.

Login to eTutoring eTutoring is free to all students, offers a huge variety of subjects, and can be accessed online 24/7.

Login to eTutoring

Learn how to access your student email, connect to WiFi, and use the campus computer lab.

Contact Campus Tech Support

Contact eLearning

Kirk Library, Room 137 & 139
8am-6:30pm Monday-Thursday (after 5pm, schedule an appointment and use the southeast entrance)
10am-2pm (virtual only) Friday