You'll learn the delicate art and science of phlebotomy, the taking of blood from patients for medical purposes. Learning is hands-on and focused on care, safety, and compassion.

You'll learn to competently collect blood, understand the factors that can affect procedures and testing, take appropriate safety precautions, display professionalism with patience and coworkers, and recognize the responsibilities of a phlebotomist in a working laboratory.

Degree: Certificate of Proficiency
Emphasis: Phlebotomy
Total Credits: 43

Notes for Students

  • MATH 096 is the prerequisite to MA 130 Medical Math unless a placement score places student directly into college level math.
  • Students must receive a 2.5 GPA or higher in PHLE 132 Advanced Phlebotomy to receive a certificate in the program.
  • Students who have taken prerequsiting for the Nursing program may be eligible for class subsitutions.
  • PSYC& 200 is a recommended elective.
Quarter Classes
Fall Quarter
  • HR 110 Human Relations in the Workplace - 5 credits
  • BIOL& 170 Human Biology - 5 credits
  • BIOL 172 Human Biology Lab - 1 credit
  • MA 139 Medical Terminology - 5 credits
Winter Quarter
  • PHLE 131 Introduction to Phlebotomy Tech - 5 credits
  • WRT 105 Writing in the Workplace - 5 credits
  • MA 130 Medical Math - 5 credits
Spring Quarter
  • HLSV 110 BLS for Healthcare - 1 credit
  • PHLE 132 Advanced Phlebotomy - 8 credits
  • Health and Fitness Distribution - 3 credits

Phlebotomy for Healthcare Workers

Degree: Certificate of Completion
Phlebotomy for Healthcare Workers
Total Credits: 


You must have a healthcare provider license (MA, RN, NA-C) or instructor permission.


  • PHLE 201 Phlebotomy for Healthcare 1 - 5 credits
  • PHLE 202 Phlebotomy for Healthcare 2* - 8 credits

*You must receive a 2.5 or higher in PHLE 202 Phlebotomy for Healthcare 2 to receive a certificate in the program.


Jake Fay
Dean of Instruction
Healthcare and Industrial Trades
Office:  TEC 114E
Email Jake Fay