Industrial Trades

Centralia College’s Industrial Trades certificate includes basic training needed for Diesel Technology, Electronics, Robotics, and Automation (ERA), Energy Technology, and Welding. It is a common first year of classes that ends with an Industrial Trades Certificate.

Diesel Technology



The common first year includes foundational classes, such as math, physics, and writing, and hands-on labs that offer basic welding, and electrical and mechanical systems. You will be introduced to all four industries and have more exposure to gears, fluids, and pumps than what was previously offered.

If you choose to continue studying to obtain your associate degree, you can decide which of the four trades to focus on during their second year. Centralia College is the only community and technical college that offers a common first year for four different industrial trades.

At the end of the first year, students with grades above a 2.0 will receive an Industrial Trades Certificate. The certificate confirms they have learned the skills and they may be hired to work as an entry-level mechanic assistant, robotics assistant, or millwright.

If they choose to go to work after completing the first year, they may add additional Industrial Trades classes to increase their skills and abilities.

Industrial Trades EDUCATION PLAN

Degree:Certificate of Proficiency
Emphasis: Industrial Trades
Total Credits: 48

First year Certificate of Proficiency - Industrial Trades
Fall Quarter
  • TRDS 100 Industrial Safety - 5 credits
  • TRDS 110 Mechanical Systems Lab - 2 credits
  • TRDS 120 Mechanical Systems - 3 credits
  • HR 101 Human Relations 101 - 2 credits
  • ENGL& 101 English Composition I OR WRT 105 Writing in the Workplace - 5 credits
Winter Quarter
  • TRDS 130 Fluid Systems Lab - 2 credits
  • TRDS 140 Fluid Systems - 3 credits
  • TRDS 150 Print Reading - 2 credits
  • IT 117 Intro to Windows OS* - 3 credits
  • HLTH 145 Safety & Fitness** - 3 credits
Spring Quarter
  • TRDS 160 CAD for Industry - 2 credits
  • TRDS 170 Electrical Systems Lab - 2 credits
  • DET 103 Forklift* - 1 credit
  • HR 110 Human Relations in the Workplace* - 5 credits
  • TRDS 180 Electrical Systems - 3 credits
  • Welding Elective (WELD 151, 180, 181, or 182 recommended) - 5 credits

* Courses may be taken during summer quarter.



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