Arts, Humanities, & Communication

Thinking critically, working creatively, and expressing your vision and views - the Arts, Humanities, & Communication pathway will help you develop information literacy, cultural awareness, and the ability to adapt to careers.

Career options, following further education at four-year colleges or universities, include: writing, social media, acting, directing, script/screenwriting, teaching K-12 or college/university, graphic design, communications, public relations, journalism, creating or teaching art, composing or teaching music, practicing law, and more.

You will find Arts, Humanities, and Communication majors in any career where expression and communication matter. In these programs, you are encouraged to contextualize and interpret things that are often difficult to explain with language, a powerful skill.

Programs of Study

Communication Studies

Communication Studies

Whether your goal is business communications, public relations, or social media management, it all comes down to communication.



Enhance your skills onstage and off - or take in a performance from the audience.


English & Creative Writing

Improve writing skills and explore the vast universe of literature.

Fine Arts & Design

Fine Arts & Design

From scultpure and painting to graphic design to art history, the fine arts are varied and deeply personal.



Consider the human experience and how humans have sought to explain it.

media studies

Media Studies

Get real world experience in radio, televion, and film production, broadcasting, and sports announcing.

foreign languages


Study American Sign Language, Chinese, French, or Spanish and prepare for a global future.



Hone performance skills and musical technique while exploring musical history and appreciation. 



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