Science, Engineering, & Math

Join students with a passion for exploration, research, and innovation. Study genes in a lab, manage electrical systems, analyze water quality, design engines, roads, or bridges, or explore volcanoes.

Courses in this pathway will be relevant to your interests, goals, and desired degree to help you graduate and change the world.

Programs of Study



Build a solid academic base for transfer and further study in engineering.
  • Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil/Environmental/Construction Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical/Bio Engineering
Life & Environmental Sciences

Life & Environmental Sciences

From the synthesis to DNA to the biosphere of a universe of living things, it's all science.
  • Biology
  • Natural Resources


For students interested in studying math, Centralia College offers two degree tracks  - an Associate in Arts and an Associate in Math Education.
Physical & Earth Sciences

Physical & Earth Sciences

Focus on the natural world and the techniques used to probe natural phenomena.
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Physics



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Dean of Instruction – Arts & Sciences
Office: WSC 118-A
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