Our Mission

The Kirk Library will be a full and active partner in the college’s educational mission, providing services and resources that support teaching and learning.


The Kirk Library shall provide ever increasing access to information and technology resources in order to support teaching and enhance learning, as well as to accommodate different learning styles and teaching modalities.


The Kirk Library shall provide barrier-free facilities, a supportive environment and, whenever possible, base policy decisions on practices that afford library users maximum access to resources, both on-site and online.

Teaching & Learning

The Kirk Library shall foster an environment in which library users acquire information literacy skills and related computer competencies in order to support independent inquiry and lifelong learning.



The Kirk Library shall collaborate with campus and community groups to organize activities in order to promote such values as literacy, freedoms of speech and information, and respect for diversity.


The Kirk Library shall acquire, organize, preserve, and secure for present and future users a strong collection, representative of diverse viewpoints, in order to support the educational programs of the college and record the history of the institution and its relationship to the region.