Information Literacy Instruction

Research can be an overwhelming and complex process for students. Having a librarian guide students through the process of how to find, evaluate, use, and create new content can have academic and personal benefits.

Librarians at Centralia College can help:

  • Understand your students' research capabilities.
  • Create, revise, or offer suggestions on your research-based assignments.
  • Talk about alternatives to traditional research papers or presentations.
  • Identify and discuss library resources suitable for your course.
  • Provide individualized training on library resources.
  • Develop and teach in-person and online sessions tied to course content.

Scheduling Library Instruction

  1. Read the best practices for teaching with your librarian.
  2. Contact your subject librarian directly.
    • Remember to schedule at least 7 days in advance of when you would like your library instruction session to occur, and
    • Supply a copy of your assignment description(s).

Assessing Library Instruction

We seek to continuously improve our instruction program. Assessment is how we make that happen.

Course Assessment: Information literacy session include an evaluation of student learning. The type of evaluation will be developed with the faculty member.

Faculty Feedback Librarians frequently teach sessions in credit-bearing courses. To help inform and reflect on our teaching, we would welcome faculty feedback.