Athletics Hall of Fame

The Athletics Hall of Fame and Roll of Honor were formed to honor and promote athletes, teams, coaches, and members of the community.

Hall of Fame

Inductees may have made an especially positive and outstanding contribution to the college through their achievements in intercollegiate, interscholastic, or professional sports, or they may have been selected through exemplary activity in pubic life. Members are listed by year inducted, from the most recent to the first inductees.

Roll of Honor

The Roll of Honor is to recognize the individuals who have not coached or participated in intercollegiate athletics for Centralia College but have made a significant impact on a specific sport or the overall success of the Centralia College athletic program:

Gordon Aadland
Tom Alderson
Kim & Deanne Ashmore
Sam Bakotich
Laura Benoit
Nita Bonagofski
Caytee Cline
Jim & Bettie Cook
Jack & Peggy Cunningham
Randy Eades
Garth Ewings
Mike & Nancy Faber


Wade Fisher
Alice Forth
Dr. Nels Hanson
Harry Hill
Mike Ingraham
Julia Johnson
Chris Jones
Dr. Henry Kirk
Kevin Laws
Dr. Robert Lorence
Helen Lucier
Frank "Grandpa" McCain


Ruby Miller
Randy Murphy
Jerry Owens
Eileen Owens
Jim Ritter
Bill Schoelkopf
Ryan Trotter
Dr. James Walton
Steve Ward
Elaine Waterman
Dewey Yoke
Alice Zaikowski