Diesel Technology

The Bachelor's of Applied Science in Diesel Technology is not accepting new students for the 2020-21 academic year.

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The Bachelor's of Applied Science in Diesel Technology prepares graduates for careers in Diesel Technologies.

Career Options 

Graduates of the BAS-DT program learn technical skills and develop their ability to communicate effectively and collaborate with peers. This helps them earn jobs as entry-level technicians and managers, and/or progress to other senior positions.

Program Details

The BAS-DT program is an additional two years of full-time study beyond a two-year associate degree.

  • Six quarters of classes
  • Three classes (15 credits) per quarter
  • No summer classes


Applying for the BAS programs is easy! Apply now for fall 2020 classes.

  1. If you are not a current or former Centralia College student, obtain a Student ID number by applying to Centralia College.
  2. Complete the BAS Application Form.
  3. Submit the completed form to Enrollment Services via email to admissions@centralia.edu or in person on the second floor of TransAlta Commons Building. Note: Applicants will be emailed by Enrollment Services. The email will include confirmation the Application Form has been received and instructions on how to access the online Application Portal through Canvas.
  4. Pay the $35 application fee. Pay in person at the cashier (second floor of the TransAlta Commons), by phone at 360-623-8931, or online through the CC Bookstore.
  5. Access the Application Portal in Canvas to finish applying.

Questions about applying? Contact Enrollment Services at 360-623-8976 or admissions@centralia.edu.

Questions about the program? Contact the Bachelor's Programs at 360-623-8976 or bachelors@centralia.edu.

Minimum Admission Requirements

Admission into the BAS-DT program is merit-based. Meeting the minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee admission as the number of qualified applicants may exceed the number of enrollment spaces. In order to be placed into the admissions pool, applicants must complete or submit the following:

  • Completion of the BAS application materials
  • Proof of an earned associate’s degree in diesel technology, diesel mechanics, automotive OR 90 credits (junior-level standing) from a regionally accredited college or university with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • 15 credits in diesel, automotive, or related field with at least a 2.0 GPA

Required Courses

The following courses must be completed prior to earning a bachelor's degree. The courses can be included in the two-year degree or be completed during the bachelor’s program in addition to the required courses.

  • ENGL& 101 – English Composition I (5 credits)
  • Any college level MATH requiring MATH 099 as a prerequisite (such as MATH& 107, MATH& 141, MATH& 146)


The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) sets the tuition rate. For the current year's tuition rate, see Tuition & Fees—Applied Baccalaureate Degree Program. 

The cost of room and board would be additional. 

Financial Aid

For information on applying for financial aid, see Financial Aid.


Students can apply for scholarships online from Dec. 1-March 1. Visit the scholarships page for information and a link to the online application.


BAS-DT Education Plan

Degree: Bachelor of Applied Science
Emphasis: Diesel Technology
Credits: 96

Fall Quarter

  • DET 102 Forklift Certification - 1 credit
  • DET 300 Applied Management - 5 credits
  • DET 320 Emissions Control - 5 credits
  • Elective - 5 credits

Winter Quarter

  • DET 325 Material Science of Fluids**  * - 5 credits
  • DET 335 Regulatory Issues - 5 credits
  • Elective - 5 credits

Spring Quarter

  • DET 345 Metalwork and Fabrication - 5 credits
  • DET 355 Hybrid Drives Electric/Hydraulic - 5 credits
  • DET 365 Internship - 5 credits
  • Elective - 5 credits

* Course has a prerequisite. 

**Must meet GURs (General University Requirements/ Distribution Requirements) as listed under the Associate in Arts Degree (DTA). 

Fall Quarter

  • CMST 330 Prof and Org Communication**  * - 5 credits
  • DET 430 Shop/Fleet Management - 5 credits
  • DET 455 Applied Failure Analysis - 5 credits

Winter Quarter

  • DET 435 Hydraulics II - 5 credits
  • DET 445 Combustion Engine Fuels - 5 credits
  • Elective - 5 credits

Spring Quarter

  • DET 415 Electrical III * - 5 credits
  • DET 465 Power Generation & Maintenance - 5 credits
  • HUM 315 Ethics**  * - 5 credits

* Course has a prerequisite. 

**Must meet GURs (General University Requirements/ Distribution Requirements) as listed under the Associate in Arts Degree (DTA).