Strategic Planning

Centralia College has begun a process to develop a broad, comprehensive, and collaborative strategic plan that will guide Centralia College over the next five years.

Seeking Community Voices

The College is in the process of seeking feedback from students, faculty, staff, and community members who have an important voice in this process.  Feedback from the community will help direct institutional priorities through 2027-28.

The College’s process began in July and will conclude in April when the finalized strategic plan will be presented to the Board of Trustees.

Phase One - July-August 2022

  • Map out planning process        
  • Develop a timeline
  • Collect data/environmental scan

Phase Two - September-December 2022

  • Analyze data (internal and external)
  • Seek input from stakeholders (focus groups, interviews, listening sessions, surveys, campus climate assessment)
  • Identify strategic issues/priority areas

Phase Three - Jannuary-April 2023

  • Draft strategic goals and objectives
  • Identify success measures
  • Seek feedback from stakeholders
  • Finalize the plan for the College's Institutional Effectiveness Committee and Board approval
  • Communicate the plan
  • Fia Eliasson-Creek, Executive Director of Institutional Research & Planning 
  • Carrie Powell, Director of Organizational Development 
  • Joy Anglesey, Vice President of Human Resources & Equity
  • Robert Cox, Vice President of Student Services
  • Mark Gorecki, Spanish Faculty
  • Aman Gill, Mechanical Engineering Faculty
  • Julie Nurse, Library Director
  • Zach Queen, Bookstore Manager 
  • Monica Brummer, Director, Center of Excellence 
  • Lindsey Garcia, Transitional Studies Program Manager
  • Kathy Tukes, Enrollment Services Technician 
  • Katy Smith, IT Business Analyst 
  • Antonio Mendoza, Maintenance Mechanic I
  • Karla Munoz Alvarez, Student Representative
  • Katherine Ford, Student Representative
  • SHARED POSITION - Court Stanley, Board of Trustees / Annalee Tobey, Board of Trustees
  • Jim Lowery Centralia College Foundation, Board Director
  • Joe Burr, Transitional Studies Faculty & Student Policy Committee representative
  • Emily Sprafka, Chemistry Faculty & JEDI Committee representative 
  • Tim Wright, Dean of Instruction, Arts & Sciences 
  • Tracy Dahl, Director of Financial Aid 
  • Erik Blanco, Student Support Services Assistant Director & TRIO representative
  • Brian Rauscher, Faculty Counselor & Guided Pathways Committee representative
  • Michelle Harris, Geology Faculty & Assessment Committee representative
  • Tariq Qureshi, Director of Budgets, Grants and Contracts
  • Lynn Schinnell, Program Coordinator, CC East
  • Kimberly Parnel, Corrections Education Reentry Navigator