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Community Education

Adult Special Interest classes are designed for learning new skills and information in a non-credit, non-graded, relaxed setting. Tuition is offered at a reduced rate.


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Spring 2020 Lyceum Lectures

The Lyceum Lecture Series is a community education class offered through Centralia College East in Morton. The community is welcome to drop in for one or two lectures for free, or support the series by signing up for the class. Class fee is $25 for the series. 

All lectures are at 1-2 p.m. Thursdays at Centralia College East in Morton.

April 9

The Danakil Depression (Ethiopia): The Hottest Inhabited Place on Earth

Dr. Kevin Downing, Consulting Geologist

April 16

Uganda: A Perspective from Two Missionaries

Christian and Katie (Schinnell) Berkman

April 23

Heating Up: The Ethics of Climate Change

Brian Henning, Humanities Washington Speaker Bureau

April 30

Solar 101: An Intro for Residential Use

Kirk Haffner, President, South Sound Solar

May 7

 Battle of San Juan Hill

Chip Duncan, Executive Director, Veterans Memorial Museum

May 14

Mount St. Helens: 40 Years Later

Patrick Pringle, Geologist

May 21

Healthy Living for Your Brain & Body

Maggie Christofferson, Education Coordinator, Alzheimer’s Association

May 28

 Paddling the Antarctic Peninsula

Fred Schwindt & April Doolittle, Adventurers

June 4 

 Changes Ahead: Climate Change at Mount Rainier

Anne Runde, Education Manager, MRNP

For more information or to register, call 360-496-5022 or stop by 701 Airport Way, Morton.

Hiking Basics & Local Trails

8728    CS 116B            12:30-2:30pm  May 6   MOR 101          Roberts J

This two-hour workshop is designed for beginning hikers who want to increase their knowledge, skills, and confidence. This class is also for more experienced hikers who want a refresher on being prepared, information on places to hike in the local area, the rules for different land managers, and what day-hiking resources are available. The workshop is an opportunity to create a network of people who are looking for others to hike with. Instructor: Judy Roberts. Class meets May 6. Class fee: $10.

Sweet Hikes & Overnights!

8729    CS 116B            12:30-2:30pm  May 13             MOR 101          Roberts J

This class is for intermediate and advanced hikers. The two-hour workshop will help participants gain and/or reinforce the knowledge they need to be safe and prepared during their hiking and backpacking adventures. Day and overnight hiking opportunities will be discussed along with the various policies and restrictions of different land management agencies. Participants are invited to bring photos of their favorite trails on a flash drive to share with the group. Instructor: Judy Roberts. Class meets May 13. Class fee: $10.


7085    ASI       011R                4:30-5:30pm    Th        MOR 101          Johnson C

An exercise class designed to teach breathing with movement, body mechanics, balance, coordination, spatial awareness, strength and flexibility. Includes mainly floor exercises on mats. Class fee: $25.

Middle Eastern Dance

7086    ASI       014S                6:30-7:30pm    T          Tiller Art Center             Klein A

Learn and practice dance postures, flexibility, and dance movements traditional to Middle Eastern cultures. Discover rich and varied music and movement inherent in Middle Eastern dance. Previous experience is not required. Dress for exercise. Class fee: $30.

Better Bones and Balance

7087    ASI       015R                9:30-10:30am  TTh       MOR 101          Jones G

OSU Bone Research studies have shown this exercise program can significantly slow loss of bone density in adults of all ages as well as improve balance, flexibility, coordination, muscle tone, and overall body fitness. All fitness levels are welcome. Class fee: $35.

The following certifications are offered at Centralia College East during spring quarter. These classes will not appear on your college transcript.

Wildland Firefighter Certification

8730    CS 249A            ARR (See schedule below)        MOR 112          Schinnell S

This course addresses the foundational skills universal to all wildland firefighters. The information is taught via face-to-face instruction, online modules, and two required field days to demonstrate skills and competencies. The course is designed to provide entry-level firefighter skills including: Firefighter Training, Intro to Wildland Fire Behavior, Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service, and Intro to the Incident Command System. Successful completion of the course qualifies participants for certification as Entry Level Firefighter (FFT2). Career and seasonal employment opportunities and application processes will be covered. Certificates are awarded through the National Wildfire Coordinating Group. Orientation is 6-8 p.m. March 31 at Centralia College East. Students have from March 31-May 14 to finish 30 hours of online modules. Required field days are 8am-4pm May 16-17. Students must have adequate boots for the field days. Instructor: Sami Schinnell. Class fee: $185.

First Aid & CPR Certification

8617    CE 207R           3:30-4:30pm    Th        MOR 101          Johnson C

This basic First Aid/CPR class covers the critical skills needed to respond to and manage first aid, choking, or cardiac arrest emergencies in the first few minutes until emergency medical services arrive. Class meets April 16-May 14. Instructor: Carrie Johnson. Class fee: $75.

Flagger Training & Certification

CE 200             8am-5pm         Sa (May)           MOR 101          Bunker R

Learn professional flagging techniques and proper work zone set-up in accordance with standards and guidelines of the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, Washington State Department of Transportation, and the Department of Labor and Industries Washington Administrative Code pertaining to flagging and temporary traffic control. Students passing the demonstration portion and 50-question exam will receive the Washington State Flagger Certification Card accepted in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana, and the American Traffic Safety Services Association National Flagger Certification Card accepted in most other states. Course includes references to the ATSSA flagging workbook, MUTCD, workshops, flagging demonstration, video, and PowerPoint presentation. Successful completion of the course certifies you for a period of three years. You must be 18 years of age to receive certification. Bring a pencil/pen to class. Refunds given if you withdraw at least 24 hours prior to the start of class. Instructor: Rich Bunker. The class will be held on a Saturday in May. Call CCEast for more information: 360-496-5022. Class fee: $65.

Community Speaker Series

7091    ASI       063R                1-1:50pm         Th        MOR 108          Schinnell

The Community Speaker Series offers a variety of lectures on topics of current interest across a wide variety of disciplines. Community members may drop in for a lecture or two, or support the series by registering for the class and attending as many lectures as they can. Class fee: $25.

The Role of Women in Books & Film

8733    CS         167A    1:30-2:30pm    T          Rivers Coffeehouse       Brischetto, C

The women characters portrayed in popular books and film are changing. How are women authors and filmmakers influenced by women's issues today? In what way might the roles of women in society be shaped by what is on screen and on the page? We will discuss these issues in a relaxed, fun, and informal book club format. A list of books, films, and topics will be suggested. Class meets at Rivers Coffeehouse & Bistro (212 Main, Morton). Instructor: Christina Brischetto. Class meets March 30-April 28. Class fee: $30.

Computer Basics - Windows 10

8731    CS 152B            3:30-5:30pm    T          MOR 112          Haselwood, J

This class is for beginning computer users and for others who are trying to learn and master Windows 10. Students will learn how to use the desktop, taskbar, scroll bars and other controls in Windows. The class will also include an introduction to basic programs to create and save documents in organized folders that you can find again. Students will also learn to use flash drives to make information portable. Instructor: Jenna Haselwood. Class meets April 7-May 5. Class fee: $50.

Resume & Cover Letter Writing

8734    CS        176A   11:30am-1pm  T          MOR 112          Brischetto, C

Jump start your job search with the employment tools you need in a relaxed, friendly environment. Build a strong resume to help land your first job or change careers. Learn how to present your talents and abilities as marketable job skills using the correct terminology and format. This course is suitable for all levels of experience. Class time will be given for writing and feedback. Online and print resources will be provided. Instructor: Christina Brischetto. Class meets April 14 & 21. Class fee: $30.

Microsoft Word

8141    SMGT   197R                12-2pm             W         MOR 112          Cantin

This course incorporates a step-by-step, project-based approach to develop competency in Microsoft Word. You’ll learn to create, edit, format, and add graphics to documents, as well as plan, research, write, and publish documents. Class fee $70.13.