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Welcome to Centralia College

Welcome to Centralia College

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What we offer

Centralia College helps you pursue goals that lead to successful careers at regional, national, and international levels. Our graduates can transfer to any four-year college in the state or compete for jobs after completing one of our workforce programs. And we now offer a bachelor's degree program, the Bachelor of Applied Science in Management.

Growth and academic excellence...

The college is growing in size and reputation, adding new buildings, remodeling others, and plugging in new programs to adjust to changing job markets. Our transfer degree programs—for those planning to transfer to a four-year college—remain one of the strengths of the college. With a full lineup of activities: live stage theatrical productions by renowned playwrights, intercollegiate athletics, and a host of student clubs and organizations, we've got something to engage you in and out of the classroom. We offer personable student services, a growing international student body, and an entertaining and informative run of student events. There's a lot going on, yet we maintain our traditional small-town appeal, intimate learning environment, quality faculty, and low tuition.

Quality classes, experienced instructors...

In addition to our face-to-face degree and certificate programs, you can earn your associate degree completely online. Instructors who not only have real-world experience in their field but also maintain solid connections with industry employers can help you land a job. Check out our College Catalog and Class Schedules.

Campus expansion, building for the future...

TransAlta Commons architect's sketch

A new center of activity, the TransAlta Commons (TAC) student center, is scheduled for completion as early as 2016. Our Kiser Natural Outdoor Learning Lab (KNOLL) was recently completed. Our 70,000-square foot Science Center opened to students in 2009, and a remodel of our Health and Wellness Center including our gymnasium was completed in 2008. Read more about our Master Plan.

Ready to start?

Are you ready to join the dynamic group of successful students at Centralia College? Here's how to get started »

Top 10 — Reasons to attend Centralia College

With family budgets now under the microscope, community colleges have become attractive alternatives to the more expensive four-year colleges and universities. There are many reasons that nearly half of American undergraduates choose to start their higher education in a community college. Here are the Top 10:

  • 1


    Annual tuition and fees for a full-time student at CC is about $4,000, versus more than double that at a public 4-year college or university and $25,143 at a private institution. And students can live at home and save on housing and food. Community college students often find they qualify for financial aid, and CC offers employment for qualifying students.

  • 2


    CC offers classes at times and locations that are convenient for students. Face-to-face classroom settings, online classes, and hybrid classes (blending of the two) are offered.

  • 3

    Open Access

    CC is an open enrollment college. Anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent can enroll. Some students even enroll while in high school to get a head start on college through the Running Start program. Starting at Centralia College gives students a chance to strengthen academic skills before transferring to a university. Open access does not mean that students can take any course; students usually are given placement tests and then advised or placed into courses if they are not up to college-level work.

  • 4

    Quality Teaching

    CC classes are taught by faculty who care about teaching and student learning. Our faculty members are fully committed to teaching and are not pulled away by research interests or the need to publish in order to get tenure. And CC is accredited by the same agency that accredits major universities.

  • 5

    Class Size

    Class sizes at CC are much smaller than those found in the freshman and sophomore year at public universities. Here, classes can average about 25 students, which provides more opportunities for students to interact with teachers and other students. Faculty members are accessible and want to help their students be successful.

  • 6

    Support Services

    CC offers a variety of services to help students, and many learn how valuable these services can be. Services that are often found at community colleges include counseling, advising, tutorials, health care, financial aid, and library services. There are computer labs on campus and online labs to make it easier for students to complete assignments.

  • 7


    CC offers Workforce programs and academic transfer programs and now the Bachelor of Applied Science in Management degree. Overall, community colleges prepare most of the nation’s registered nurses, police officers, paramedics, firefighters, and advanced skill technicians. (Check with a counselor to be sure that your courses count toward the degree you are seeking and credits transfer to the university program you have chosen.)

  • 8


    CC serves a diverse group of students. Students differ by age, ethnicity, degree of disability, socioeconomic status, and in many other ways. International students add yet another perspective. The opportunity to interact with and to learn from other students from many different backgrounds and with a variety of life experiences is another big advantage of starting at CC.

  • 9

    Access to the latest technology

    Because of its strong partnerships with business and industry, CC provides cutting-edge equipment to students in the classroom. Employers want job candidates with experience using equipment used by industry, including the latest computers and lab instruments. Since community colleges offer classes at the freshman and sophomore levels, the use of the best equipment isn’t reserved for juniors, seniors, and graduate students.

  • 10

    Good company

    In case a student feels discouraged by the prospect of attending a local community college rather than his or her first-choice university, here are some people who are glad they started at CC. Check out our distinguished alumni. The quality of our grads doesn’t surprise us!