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Web Page Templates

Contact: Cindy Lawrence, College Relations

CC Basic Template

The CC web page templates contain the navigation and branding for the college website.

Important: Guidelines for using templates

  1. Remember to add meta data: Change the Title to the specific title of your page, using keywords so people can find your page. Enter a page description and keywords in the page properties.
  2. Be consistent in naming your files; use the html file extension.
  3. Review accessibility guidelines to ensure that your content complies with Section 508 requirements (ex: alt tags are required on all images).
  4. The templates are linked to an external stylesheet (CSS) that defines the layout, color, type, etc. for Centralia College branding. The template should maintain the styles defined in the CSS. When downloading the template, you agree to keep the predefined styles in place; any changes, alterations or added styling to your pages should be validated for accessibility compliance (ex: no use of red font).
  5. Adding a table, image, or other element wider than the width of a column defined in the stylesheet will cause the layout to change.
  6. Since text font and size is defined in the stylesheet, it's best to select placeholder text and replace it with your text for headings and subheadings (this keeps heading tags in place). Text alignment is defined in the stylesheet; headings and text should remain left-aligned, not centered.
  7. Remove styling and formatting from Word files before copying into html, or copy your text into a Notepad or Wordpad file first, then copy from the .txt file.

Template files

The 3-column basic template contains image placeholders which can be replaced—image width and height are defined in the source code. Template files may be downloaded from here:

Hanke House

Contact Web Manager:

Cindy Lawrence, College Relations, ext. 630

Contact IT Server Manager:

Patrick Allison, Information Technology, ext. 705

Rick Beaber, Information Technology, ext. 429