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Web Server Access/Web Publishing Policy

Publishing and Updating Web Content

  1. Web contributors are assigned or approved by unit VPs and are responsible for creating, editing, updating, and uploading web content for their unit, including regularly reviewing content for updating, and maintaining content and pages requested by individuals or departments within their unit (see Web Content Managers).
  2. VPs or their assistants are responsible for requesting from IT web server access for web contributors to maintain and upload their web content to the college web server.
  3. Web contributors may request approval and/or links to their content by contacting their web content manager (below).

How to Request Web Server Access

  1. Requests for web server access for publishing web content should be sent to the appropriate VP of the dept/unit for approval.
  2. Before FTP access can be approved, the user must demonstrate competency using an FTP client to transfer files, and approval from their VP/EA that they can successfuly transfer files to the correct location on the web server.
  3. The VP or their assistant sends approved requests to the IT web server manager.
  4. The IT web server manager sets up an account and gives access to the requested website directory on the college web server, as well as instructions on how to access and transfer files to the correct website directory.

Termination of Web Access

When a web contributor leaves the college or should no longer have web server access, it is the responsibility of the VP or their assistant to notify IT.

Designated Web Content Managers

See also Web Maintenance by Unit (2014), updated from Web Maintenance Responsibility List (2013)

  • Academics/Instruction/Programs & Courses: Cheryl Williams, ext 484
  • Academics/Instruction/Catalog & Classes: Janelle Girt, ext 262
  • Administration/Admin Services: Diane McGuinn, ext 633
  • Administration/HR/Employment/Employee Directory: V'Ann Kostick, ext 238
  • Administration/President/Board: Janet Reaume, ext 231
  • Student Services/Student Rights & Policies/Student Programs/Athletics: Robert Cox, ext 360
  • Admissions/Enrollment/Student Records: Dennis Bonner, ext 682
  • College Relations/Public Web/News & Events: Cindy Lawrence, ext 630
  • Events Calendar: Candy Lunke, ext 605
Hanke House

Contact Web Manager:

Cindy Lawrence, College Relations, ext. 630

Contact IT Server Manager:

Patrick Allison, Information Technology, ext. 705

Rick Beaber, Information Technology, ext. 429