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General Guidelines

NOTE: This content will be moving to myCC intranet at > Our Organization > College Relations.

Contact: Cindy Lawrence, College Relations
These guidelines are intended to provide direction and clarification on the use of the Centralia College website, including web page content and positioning, accessibility compliance, best practices, designated web content authors/editors, and the process for obtaining a web presence on the college website.

Use of the Centralia College website

The Centralia College public website exists primarily as an outward-directed marketing tool used to expose the many facets of the college to its target audiences in a friendly, efficient manner. The college website will be used to:

  • Market to and attract new customers within its reach.
  • Provide open, honest, and current communication and information that is vital to quality marketing to selected audiences.
  • Maintain an attractive online presence with quality appearance and ease of navigation.
  • Provide information and services that enhance student retention.
  • Where possible, provide in collaboration with faculty and departments, education and training services.
  • Provide current and updated information and remove outdated information.
  • Nurture relationships important to building and maintaining strong ties to the communities the college serves.

Guidelines for publishing CC web pages

  • All content and links on the home page will be the responsibility of the Web Manager in the Cindy Lawrence, Office of College Relations. Web server access is the responsibility of the web server manager in Information Technology.
  • Web contributors are assigned or approved by the unit vice president and are responsible for creating, publishing, reviewing, updating, and maintaining content on pages that are requested by individuals or departments within their unit.
  • Location of specific web pages will follow navigation pre-determined by the Web Manager but will generally reside with the pages designated for the specific unit.
  • Web content that is inaccurate or outdated may be subject to review and/or audit.
  • Requests for web pages will be made according to the Web Server Access/Web Publishing Policy.
Hanke House

Contact Web Manager:

Cindy Lawrence, College Relations, ext. 630

Contact IT Server Manager:

Patrick Allison, Information Technology, ext. 705

Rick Beaber, Information Technology, ext. 429