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What is Upward Bound?

(Video by Joey Hansen, Upward Bound)

Upward Bound, a part of Centralia College's Trio Programs, is a federally funded program that provides career and education planning services for low-income, minority, and first generation, degree-seeking, college-bound high school students. Upward Bound provides year-long Academic Support (tutoring, study skills and test preparation), Career Exploration (workshops, conferences, guest speakers, job shadowing, classes and mentoring) and Cultural Enrichment (field trips, performances and special events).

The Upward Bound summer program is offered for six weeks every summer. At least one summer's participation is mandatory. The summer program is a fun way for students to keep up with their studies during the summer months, prepare for the next academic year, and catch up on subjects where they might be struggling. At the end of each week of the program, students are taken on exciting field trips that are academically and culturally enriching. The field trips range from campus visits to outdoor adventures like river rafting. All field trip and classroom expenses are covered, and students receive weekly stipends so there are no financial costs.

What services do we offer?

Upward Bound students visit Maryhill Museum
Upward Bound students visit Maryhill Museum.
  • Academic Support: tutoring, study skills, test preparation
  • Career Exploration: workshops, conferences, guest speakers, job shadowing, classes, mentoring
  • College Entrance Support: college applications, financial aid forms, scholarship, campus tours
  • Cultural Enrichment: field trips, performances, special events


Students are eligible to participate in Upward Bound if they:
  • are currently enrolled in 9th or 10th grade;
  • are attending either Centralia, Rochester, Toledo, or W.F. West High School;
  • have academic potential;
  • want to go to college;
  • are a member of a low-income family and/or a family in which neither parent received a four-year college degree; and are willing to make a commitment to the Upward Bound program.
Plus, 30% of all 9th grade participants must fall into at least one of the following categories:
  • have not met state assessment standards in 8th grade math or reading/language arts;
  • have a GPA below 2.5 for the most recent school year; or have not completed pre-algebra, algebra, or geometry by the end of 8th grade, and are not taking algebra or geometry in 9th grade.

Upward Bound staff

Liisa Taylor Liisa Preslan, Director
Contact Liisa Preslan
Tony Holm Anthony (Tony) Holm,
Program Specialist
Contact Tony Holm
Kathleen Vodjansky-Ward Kathleen Vodjansky-Ward,
Assistant Director
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Caytee Cline Caytee Cline,
Upward Bound Specialist
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Charity DeSilva Charity DeSilva, Secretary Senior
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