Commuting Cost Calculator

Gas prices keep pushing up the cost to commute every day. This cost calculator will help you find out your drive-alone commuting costs and how much you could save using public transportation.

Try the calculator and then check out some of your options for a more cost-effective commute.

 To calculate your savings enter:

-Your personal daily round-trip mileage
-Number of days you drive to work
-Number of miles per gallon your vehicle averages
-Your gasoline cost per gallon
-Your monthly parking cost

Drive-Alone Commute Costs

What is the round-trip mileage of your daily commute?
How many days per month do you usually drive to work?
How many miles per gallon does your vehicle average?
What does a gallon of gas cost you?
Estimated cost per mile for repairs and maintenance1:
Estimated cost per mile for financing, insurance, registration and depreciation1:
What are your monthly parking costs?
Monthly cost of your commute:
Yearly cost of your commute:

Cost and Savings

Estimated savings per year by carpooling with 1 person:
Estimated savings per year carpooling with 2 people:
Estimated savings per year carpooling with 3 people:
Estimated savings per month riding Twin Transit (based on a monthly bus-pass cost of $15):

CO2 Emissions Calculator (monthly)

Small Car (~35 mpg) lbs
Midsize (~27 mpg) lbs
Large Car (~22 mpg) lbs
Truck / SUV (~17 mpg) lbs
1 2001 Federal Highway Administration's Cost of Owning and Operating a Vehicle