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Student Activities Admissions Team (SAAT)

Meet our 2014-15 SAAT members!

Brooke McCartenAlondra VillanuevaGracia Leal PardoChandler JohnsonMercy PuniHelvy Mavarez

Brooke McCarten

Brooke McCarten, Health & Wellness

Position: Health and Wellness Coordinator
High School: Rainier
Major: Dental Hygiene
Interests/Hobbies: Swimming, riding quads, volleyball, play cards, watching tv
Why you came to Centralia: I came to Centralia because I was in the TRiO program in high school and itís close to home.
What you want to be when you grow up and how CC is going to help you achieve your goals?
I want to be a dental hygienist, and Centralia College has helped me out financially, with the help of Student Support Services. This school also provides me with the classes I need to transfer into a dental hygiene program without a problem.

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Alondra Villanueva

Alondra Villanueva, Promotions

Position: Promotions Coordinator
High School: Centralia
Major: I am hoping to major in Architecture and then minor in Art/Design.
Interests/hobbies: Hiking, running, playing soccer, drawing, painting, papercut design, photography/Photoshop, reading, baking cupcakes, spending time with friends/family, traveling, yoga, zumba, architecture, graphic design, arts, badminton.
Why you came to CC: Taking the opportunity to go Centralia College as a Running Start student was one of the best decisions I have made to further my education. I came to CC to earn my AA along with my High School Diploma. Ever since coming to Centralia College, I've been given the opportunity to take a variety of classes and make plenty of new friends along with earning my AA and High School Diploma.
What you want to be when you grow up and how CC is going to help you achieve your goals?
I want to be an Architect and an Interior Designer, along with being a small-time artist in my spare time. CC is going to help me achieve this by preparing me for a 4-year university and helping me explore different career paths within classes. Also, CC has helped me expand my knowledge within subjects that I was not familiar with in order to narrow down what career I wanted to pursue.

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Grecia Pardo

Grecia M. Leal Pardo, Lecture/Classroom

Position: Lecture/Classroom Coordinator
High School: WF West
Major: I want to double in Classics and Theatre
Interests/hobbies: Traveling, music, theatre, history, mythology, reading, movies, YouTube, food (eating not cooking), sociocultural studies/issues, physic theories, metaphors!
Why you came to CC: To do Running Start. I wanted more challenging and diverse course than the one that were offered in the high school, and a more mature environment.
What you want to be when you grow up and how CC is going to help you achieve your goals?
I want to develop a career, although Iím still undecided in what. More importantly, I want to study, and travel to see the world and its different peoples. CC is helping me do that by providing me classes that begin to explore different subjects, presenting me with experiences of diversity, and giving me a higher education enabling me to go further in life.

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Chandler Johnson

Chandler Johnson, Social/Cultural Issues

Position: Social/Cultural Issues Coordinator
High School: Centralia
Major: Iím currently working towards my AA. I plan to transfer to UW or Western and become an English teacher, but I frequently change my mind.
Interests/hobbies: Youíll probably find me running around campus, studying alone, or hanging out with friends in a coffee shop. I love to randomly drive around with friends and I hope to travel more as I get older.
Why you came to CC: I decided to take running start full-time after my sophomore year of high school. I wanted to challenge myself, get ahead, and attend college for less money. It was the best decision Iíve ever made. After becoming comfortable on campus, I decided that I wanted to become more involved and soon found out about this job on the Student Activities Team.
What you want to be when you grow up and how CC is going to help you achieve your goals?
Centralia College has helped me learn a lot about higher education and this started my interest in becoming an English teacher, after hearing my professorsí stories. Iíve always been lost and feel like I canít decide on just one career for the rest of my life, but my time at Centralia College has really helped me concentrate on what I really enjoy.

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Merci Puni

Mercy Puni, Entertainment

Position: Entertainment Coordinator
High School: Nanakuli High and Intermediate School
Major: Pre-Medicine
Why you came to CC: I came to Centralia because I got a scholarship to play volleyball and I wanted to go attend a small school far away from home.
What you want to be when you grow up and how CC is going to help you achieve your goals?
Someday I plan to be a professional in the medical field. I also want to join the peace core and give my services to those in need. After gaining the actual experience I want to share my knowledge and hopefully be a teacher at a needing high school possibly through the Teach for America Program.

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Helvy Mavarez

Helvy Mavarez, Recreation

Position: Recreation Coordinator
Hobbies/Interests: Shopping, watch tv show, playing every sport, listening to music and hanging out with my friends.
I am an International student and a baseball player from Venezuela. I came to Centralia College because I heard about it from a friend that this town is quiet and not too much traffic. I have lived in a big city and I wanted something new and different, including weather because Venezuela is a hot country. Centralia is my new home I could say it is perfect for me. As a personal recommendation, Centralia College is a good institution where you can get your degree cheaper than at any other college and it has different activities for you to get involved in clubs.


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About SAAT

The Student Activities Admissions Team (SAAT) is a student team, selected and hired in conjunction with the Associated Students of Centralia College (ASCC) Student Government and College staff, to plan cultural, social, educational and recreational events for students of Centralia College. Another aspect of this student team is to go out into local high schools and recruit incoming students. The SAAT's task is to develop a well-balanced calendar of activities and events that include speakers, musicians, comedians, dances, films, outings and tournaments.

In addition to these activities, team members support campus clubs and organizations, theatre productions, musical performances held by the college's music department and various other groups. Students who serve on this team receive a broad range of experience in event planning, promotion, publicity, and public relations.


The SAAT's weekly meetings are open to the student body, and any interested student may attend. Any student who wishes to have an item placed on the agenda should contact the SAAT. SAAT members are required to maintain a minimum of ten hours per week in the office or at events. The members' work schedules are posted on the office door and also in the Student Programs Office.

Interviews for SAAT are held in the Spring Quarter. These are hourly paid positions. Positions available are:
  • Entertainment Coordinator
  • Social/Cultural Issues Coordinator
  • Recreation and Family Programs Coordinator
  • Health and Wellness Coordinator
  • Lecture/Classroom Connection Coordinator
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SAAT Office

Student Center Building Rm 103
(Office hours posted on door)
(360) 736-9391, ext. 275

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SAAT Application

2014-15 SAAT Members

Brooke McCarten, Health/Wellness Coordinator
Alondra Villanueva, Promotions Coordinator
Grecia Leal Pardo, Lecture/Classroom Coordinator
Chandler Johnson, Social/Cultural Issues Coordinator
Mercy Puni, Entertainment Coordinator
Helvy Mavarez, Recreation Coordinator