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Student Activities Admissions Team (SAAT)

Meet our 2013-14 SAAT members!

JT MundiEdith AlmanzaClay EasleyElise CharlesHelvy Mavarez

JT Mundi

Jaiteg (JT) Mundi, Entertainment

Position: Entertainment Coordinator

High School attended: W.F West High School

Hobbies/interests: Robotics,Tae Kwon Do, Reading News, Traveling, shopping for new gadgets, Golf and Cricket.

I came to Centralia College because I wanted to get a head start in college and get involved in extra-curricular activities. I decided to do Running Start my junior year and again this year as a senior. I want to transfer to a four year college and get my bachelors in Neuroscience and then my goal is to get my doctorate in neuroscience. My dream is to win a Nobel Prize in neuroscience.

Centralia College gave me a head start in my college education through the running start program. I feel glad that I took this opportunity given to me by Centralia College to start early in my career. While at Centralia College I am able to participate in different clubs and organizations which are enhancing my college experience and are good for my future. I feel proud that I am part of Centralia College.


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Edith Almanza

Edith Almanza, Health & Wellness

Position: Health and Wellness Coordinator

High School attended: Centralia High School

Hobbies/interests: I have a black belt in Tae Kwando. I also have been playing the violin for eight years. I enjoy reading, hiking, and dancing. I choose Centralia College because I wanted to get ahead and get my AA while still in high school. I also liked the challenge that came with going to college as a younger student and was also excited to have a broader choice of classes.

My end goal is to become a Pediatrician. Centralia College has been great in helping me get ready for a four year college. I am have been given an easier transition than had I gone straight into a big university and I’ve been given wonderful learning experiences I wouldn’t have had in another school.


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Clay Easley

Clayton Easley, Lectures & Social Issues

Position: Lectures & Social Issues Coordinator

High School attended: WF West

Hobbies/interests: Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Politics, Traveling, Eating, Sleeping, and Spending Money at REI.

Why did you choose to attend Centralia College? I chose Centralia College as part of my decision to take advantage of the Running Start program. I was ready to phase myself out of the high school scene and lay the foundation of my higher education. Centralia College is close to my home and the cost of the programs it offers was far less than going to a 4-year university.

How is Centralia College helping you reach your career goals? Centralia College is helping me reach my career goals by allowing me to take a variety of classes. Upon enrollment at Centralia College I had only a general idea of what I wanted to study. Taking different courses at Centralia College has opened doors to fields of study and professions that I hadn't previously thought about. At the moment, I'm planning on transferring to a 4-year university to complete my Bachelor's in Business Administration, then continuing to grad school for a Master's in Business Administration.


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Elise Charles

Elise Charles, Cultural Issues & Diversity

High School: Cunupia High School, Trinidad & Tobago

Hobbies/Interest: Reading, painting, listening to music, outdoor activities, anime, studying, doing homework and eating lots of chocolate, Hersheys with almond to be specific.

I decided it was time to attend college so I choose Centralia College because it was close to my home and I heard great things about the college from my friends.

I think that the courses provided here at the college will help me to transfer to a four year college to do my BA in Theology and Art & History. Centralia College provides a great learning environment and the staff is always willing to help, they really care about our success. I am gaining and learning about leadership qualities through the Student Activities Admissions Team (SAAT) and I feel like that would prepare me for when I leave Centralia College.


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Helvy Mavarez

Helvy Mavarez, Recreation

Position: Recreation Coordinator

Hobbies/Interests: shopping, watch tv show, playing every sport, listening to music and hanging out with my friends.

I am an International student and a baseball player from Venezuela. I came to Centralia College because I heard about it from a friend that this town is quiet and not too much traffic. I have lived in a big city and I wanted something new and different, including weather because Venezuela is a hot country. Centralia is my new home I could say it is perfect for me.

As a personal recommendation, Centralia College is a good institution where you can get your degree cheaper than at any other college and it has different activities for you to get involved in clubs.


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About SAAT

The Student Activities Admissions Team (SAAT) is a student team, selected and hired in conjunction with the Associated Students of Centralia College (ASCC) Student Government and College staff, to plan cultural, social, educational and recreational events for students of Centralia College. Another aspect of this student team is to go out into local high schools and recruit incoming students. The SAAT's task is to develop a well-balanced calendar of activities and events that include speakers, musicians, comedians, dances, films, outings and tournaments.

In addition to these activities, team members support campus clubs and organizations, theatre productions, musical performances held by the college's music department and various other groups. Students who serve on this team receive a broad range of experience in event planning, promotion, publicity, and public relations.


The SAAT's weekly meetings are open to the student body, and any interested student may attend. Any student who wishes to have an item placed on the agenda should contact the SAAT. SAAT members are required to maintain a minimum of ten hours per week in the office or at events. The members' work schedules are posted on the office door and also in the Student Programs Office.

Interviews for SAAT are held in the Spring Quarter. These are hourly paid positions. Positions available are:
  • Entertainment Coordinator
  • Social/Cultural Issues Coordinator
  • Recreation and Family Programs Coordinator
  • Health and Wellness Coordinator
  • Lecture/Classroom Connection Coordinator
SAAT logo

SAAT Office

Student Center Building Rm 103
(Office hours posted on door)
(360) 736-9391, ext. 275

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2013-14 SAAT Members

Jaiteg Mundi, Entertainment

Edith Almanza, Health & Wellness

Clayton Easley, Lectures & Social Issues Coordinator

Elise Charles, Cultural Issues & Diversity

Helvy Mavarez, Recreation