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ASCC – Student Government

Meet our 2013-14 ASCC officers!

JR SiperlyJulia CarterDani JonesAnamaria Abarca

JR Siperly

JR Siperly, President

Position: ASCC President

High School attended: Adna

Hobbies/Interests: I love to fish! Rain or shine I love to spend every weekend at the river looking to hook a massive fish. My other hobbies are hanging out with friends, wrestling, coaching, and hunting.

I came to Centralia College because it was close to home and was more economical to my parentís budget. I have always heard great things about Centralia College on how it better prepares anyone to go back into the work force or go to a four year university. After I receive my basic AA I will be transferring over to Eastern Washington University to continue following my dream on becoming a Special Educational Teacher where I hope I can motivate anyone to continue following their passion.

Centralia College is helping me better reach my goal by preparing me for a four year college. I graduated from Adna High School in 2012 where I was very active during my high school years. Some of the sports and activities that I was in was wrestling, football, Boy Scouts, and ASB President. My senior year I received my Eagle Scout Award, one of the highest achievements that any scout could ever receive; I also was a State participant for wrestling.


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Julia Carter

Julia Carter, Vice President

Position: ASCC Student Government Vice President

High School attended: WF West High School

Hobbies/interests: Reading, Baking, Playing Soccer, Hiking, Running

The welcoming atmosphere of Centralia College is what really drew me in. From the first step you take on campus you really do feel like a part of the college experience! It is hard to find a college that has both an uplifting sense of community and truly admired academic platform, but thatís what we have here! Go Trailblazers!

Centralia College was a great place to start my long path to my career. The wonderful programs, advisors, and professors have thoroughly prepared me for a University, and even for the job market. My experience at the college has helped me narrow down my desired careers and has shown me the path on how to get there.


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Dani Jones

Dani Jones, Senator for Executive Affairs

Position: Senator for Executive Affairs for ASCC Student Government

High School attended: Centralia high school in 2006

Hobbies/Interests: When I am not in class or doing homework I love to shop, decorate specialty cakes and take road trips to wherever.

I chose to come to Centralia College after attending SPSCC. I heard that Centralia had great success in graduating students; so I then transferred to the number one community college in Washington.

Centralia College is helping me reach my goals through all the programs and degrees they have to offer, along with the help of the facility and staff. They are simply amazing! With this kind of support how could you not succeed here!?


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Ana Abarca

Anamaria Abarca, Senator for Student Relations

Position: Senator for Student Relations

High School attended: Centralia High School

Hobbies/interests: Singing, and anything else to do with music, knitting and spinning, baking, camping, fishing, and anything to do with my millions of pets!

I chose Centralia College so that I could fulfill my high school requirements through running start and study more advanced music.

Centralia College has helped me become a more structured and dedicated student with classes that require much more effort than in high school. It has also taught me to be a better leader specifically through student government work and training. These things plus the vast musical opportunities I have had through the college have helped prepare me to reach my goal of pursuing a higher education in music.


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About ASCC

Students who enroll and pay Service Activities fees are members of the Associated Students of Centralia College (ASCC). ASCC Student Government promotes educational, social and cultural activities, acts as the official voice of the student body, and facilitates student participation in the college community for the betterment of Centralia College.


Student Government meetings are held weekly with agendas and times posted throughout the campus. Their meetings are open to the student body and any interested student may attend. Any student who wishes to have an item placed on the agenda should contact the Student Government Office. Student Government members are required to spend five hours per week in the office and an additional five hours working on student government related issues. The members' office hours are posted on their office door and also in the Student Programs Office. These positions are compensated.


Through the ASCC Student Government many students have taken an active part in improving "student life" and carried on constructive working relationships with the campus administration. The ASCC Student Government is always looking for interested and concerned students willing to volunteer time and energy for the benefit of Centralia College. Elections for ASCC Student Government members are in the spring of each year. Positions available are: President, Vice President, Senator for Clubs & Organizations, Senator for Public Relations, and Senator for Executive Affairs. The ASCC constitution and bylaws are available in the Student Government office and Student Programs Office.
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2014-15 ASCC Election packet

Student Government job info

The following are in .doc format:

2013-14 Student Government

JR Siperly, President

Julia Carter, Vice President

Dani Jones, Senator for Executive Affairs

Andrew Raupp, Senator for Clubs & Organizations

Anamaria Abarca, Senator for Student Relations

Service & Activities Fee Budget:

2012-13 Service & Activities Fee Budget