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ASCC – Student Government

Associated Students of Centralia College

2016-17 ASCC Student Government

Meet your 2016-17 ASCC officers!

Allie FairallMitchell CareyJason ChungEugene PakTiana Thompson

Allie Fairall

Allie Fairall, President

Position: President
As ASCC student body president my job is to be the liaisons between the student body and the college administration. I hope throughout my year of serving as president that I get to hear from the students about their wants, desires, and dreams regarding their journey at Centralia College. I hope to create a blend between the wants of the students and the needs of the college to satisfy the populous and continue the expedient growth of Centralia College. My goal for the upcoming year's student government is for them to continue to push Centralia college in an upward track towards greatness with the help and input of the student body. Each and every student has a valuable opinion and a unique outlook on the college. I hope to make the entity of student government an approachable and accepting environment to share and bring ideas to life. This is will be a big year for growth at Centralia College. I am proud to help lead in this journey.

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Mitchell Carey

Mitchell Carey, Vice President

Position: Vice President
My name is Mitchell Carey, and I am your 2016-17 ASCC Vice-President. I was born in the central valley of California and lived there for 9 years. My family came to Vancouver, Washington when my mother remarried. We lived in Vancouver for another 8 years. We moved to Lewis County to escape the crazy life in the city. I enjoy video games, frisbee-golf, long boarding, hanging out with friends, and serving the community. The first high school I attended was Prairie High School in the Vancouver area for my freshman and sophomore years. When we moved up here in the summer of 2014, we decided that I would do running start at Centralia College and finish my high school math at Toledo High School. After I decide I'm finished at Centralia, I hope to transfer to the University of Idaho to pursue a degree in forestry. My goal as Vice-President is to further prove that Centralia College is one of the best community colleges in Washington state by representing it with pride and professionalism.

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Jason Chung

Jason Chung, Senator for Executive Affairs

Position: Senator for Executive Affairs
High School:W.F. West High School
Interests/hobbies: I enjoy transcribing music, playing the piano, and solving cube-shaped twisty puzzles.
Why you came to CC: I came to CC because I wanted to learn in an environment where everyone is motivated and willing to learn.
What you want to be when you grow up and how CC is going to help you achieve your goals? I plan to go into medicine so I can help others, and Centralia College will help me achieve my goals by making the transition into college-level classes smoother.

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Eugene Pak

Eugene Pak, Senator for Clubs & Organizations

Position: Senator for Clubs & Organizations
Hello my name is Eugene Pak. I am currently a Running Start Student at this college. I came from W.F. West high school, so yeah, I am a Chehalis Bearcat. I am your Senator for Clubs and Organizations and I plan on making clubs a more integral part of the Centralia College experience. I plan to make clubs easier to be a part of and make the club roster more expansive so that all students can interact through a common interest. I hope that my efforts will make a positive impact on the college community and make Centralia Colleges' clubs one of the best parts of your college life! Thank you.

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Tiana Thompson

Tiana Thompson, Senator for Student Relations and Advocacy

Position: Senator for Student Relations and Advocacy
My name is Tiana Thompson and I am the Senator for Student Relations and Advocacy. I attended Skyview High School in Nampa, Idaho before attending Centralia College. I decided to attend CC in order to further my education and fulfill my dream of playing college basketball. I plan on receiving my AA from Centralia and moving on to receive my bachelor's degree in journalism. CC is not only constantly challenging me in my academic career, but has made it possible for me to afford my first two years of college. My main goal as a part of student government is to promote and celebrate diversity in order to create an environment where several different types of individuals can flourish both academically and socially, all while giving back to the amazing community of Centralia College that has given so much to me and so many other students.

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About ASCC

Students who enroll and pay Service Activities fees are members of the Associated Students of Centralia College (ASCC). ASCC Student Government promotes educational, social and cultural activities, acts as the official voice of the student body, and facilitates student participation in the college community for the betterment of Centralia College.


Student Government meetings are held weekly with agendas and times posted throughout the campus. Their meetings are open to the student body and any interested student may attend. Any student who wishes to have an item placed on the agenda should contact the Student Government Office. Student Government members are required to spend five hours per week in the office and an additional five hours working on student government related issues. The members' office hours are posted on their office door and also in the Student Programs Office. These positions are compensated.


Through the ASCC Student Government many students have taken an active part in improving "student life" and carried on constructive working relationships with the campus administration. The ASCC Student Government is always looking for interested and concerned students willing to volunteer time and energy for the benefit of Centralia College. Elections for ASCC Student Government members are in the spring of each year. Positions available are: President, Vice President, Senator for Clubs & Organizations, Senator for Public Relations, and Senator for Executive Affairs. The ASCC constitution and bylaws are available in the Student Government office and Student Programs Office.
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2016-17 Student Government

Allie Fairall, President
Mitchell Carey, Vice President
Jason Chung, Senator for Executive Affairs
Eugene Pak, Senator for Clubs & Organizations
Tiana Thompson, Senator for Student Relations

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