Construction Trades

Centralia College offers a one-quarter program to prepare adults for careers directly related to the trades.

Construction Trades GraphicSpring 2024 Classes

Centralia College is bringing its Construction Trades program to the main Centralia campus. 

Spring classes begin April 8. Classes are held from 8am-3pm Monday-Thursday through June 21.

Construction trades prepares students to enter apprenticeship programs directly related to the trades or for employment in the construction sector. 

In one quarter, students will learn a variety of foundational skills including:

  • Interpreting signs and symbols on construction blueprints
  • Safe handling for materials, equipment, and tools
  • Identifying workplace hazards, hazard prevention and personal protective equipment.
  • Developing of skills for employment success
  • Developing materials needed to successfully enter a trade union, apprenticeship program or employment (resume, interview skills, agility skills, etc.)
  • Exploring apprenticeship programs 

Construction TRades Education Plan

The Construction Trades program earns 20 college credits and can typically be completed in one quarter. Students will also earn their OSHA-10 certification.

  • CTAP 120 Construction Trades Math - 3 credits
  • CTAP 130 Worksite Behavior & Safety - 5 credits
  • CTAP 140 Basic Tool, Construction, & Blueprints - 5 credits
  • CTAP 150 Intro to the Trades - 5 credits
  • CTAP 160 Capstone Project - 2 credits


Career & Technical Education
Tech (TEC) Building, Room 114