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Lyceum Schedule

All Lyceum lectures are Wednesdays, 1:00-1:50 pm, in WAH 103 or Corbet Theatre. For more information, see the Events Calendar or contact:
HUM course: Jody Peterson, associate professor of history, (360) 736-9391, ext. 209.
Speakers & Topics: Shelley Bannish, director of Student Life & Involvement, (360) 736-9391, ext. 224.

Spring 2014 Lyceum Schedule (Humanities 1-credit class)

Apr. 2: Overview

Overview of the Lyceum Series class — Dr. Jody Peterson.

Apr. 9: Service Dogs—What Everyone Should Know

Service animals are becoming more of a treatment of choice for Veterans. What does this mean for service providers, business owners, and the general public? What are the laws as they relate to service animals? What are appropriate behaviors and protocols that one must be mindful of when interacting with a service animal and owner? Join John George, WDVA Vet Corps and Alphie for a highly informative and interactive session. John George, WDVA Service Dog Program Coordinator, is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Serving 8 years in the United States Air Force, with multiple deployments to combat zones within Iraq and bordering countries, John separated from the military and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He spent many years researching different approaches to managing his symptoms of PTSD, and decided a service dog was the best option. John worked extensively with Brigadoon Service Dogs to become educated on the application process, extensive training of the animals, and the law as it pertains to service dogs. He is currently partnered with Alphie, a good-natured and loving Goldendoodle.

Apr. 16: Hundreds of Hats and Bags for Africa

Retired Centralia College faculty member, Alicia Wicks, has spent a lot of her retirement in Africa. While there she has visited Liberia, Ghana, and Kenya from May 5, 2013 to mid-September 2013, working with at-risk women and girls. From the Liberian slum-dwelling girls at the More Than Me School, in Ghana at the Street Child Rescue Organization and in Kenya, living with a Maasai family and working with Maasai women and girls out in the middle of nowhere, buying beads for them and their finished projects of beaded jewelry.

Apr. 23: Capturing Micro-plastic Debris in Puget Sound and Neighboring Waters

Researchers at the Center for Urban Waters have developed methods to collect and process ocean samples (water, sediments, beach material) to quantify the amount of micro plastics in the ocean environment. They are in the process of surveying the Puget Sound and neighboring waters to understand the distribution of plastics in our waterways. Preliminary results show that micro plastics have been found in every water sample collected thus far. Our goal is to partner with other organizations to build our efforts to build a data set representative of the Puget Sound. This presentation will be given by Julie E. Masura, M.S., a Research Affiliate Faculty at the Center for Urban Waters, University of Washington Tacoma.

Apr. 30: Every Job I've Ever Had

Employing an original mix of comedy, monologue and multimedia savvy, Barry Smith presents EVERY JOB I'VE EVER HAD, a funny and engaging exploration of life as a seeker and a wanderer in a world where one's work defines oneself. Inspired by Smith's own off-the-beaten-path career choices, his fresh "modern monologue" educates and inspires today's young minds and tomorrow's gainfully employed. In addition to live performance/speaking, Barry Smith has been writing his weekly humor column, "Irrelativity," for The Aspen Times for 18 years, entertaining his readers with adventures in pursuit of the obvious, the irreverent and the absurd. Hailed by New York Magazine as "an energetic and versatile raconteur," Barry Smith lives and writes in Colorado.

May 7: Hunger in Lewis County

This will be a panel discussion on hunger in Lewis County and resources that are available. Panel members: Bonnie Baker, Director Hunger Response Network, Northwest Harvest; speaking on Hunger in Washington State; Bonnie Pedersen, Lewis County Food Bank Coalition, President; speaking on Lewis County food bank operations and demographics. Centralia College GROW program

May 14: The Students of Color Conference Experience

The Centralia College students that were selected to attend the 24th Annual Students of Color Conference will share their experience.

May 21: Sheer Elegance: Surviving Strands of Ancient Maya Weaving

Through pictures and stories, Centralia College faculty member, Liz Frey, will share her recent experiences in Mesoamerica studying Maya art history and textiles. During January and February of this year Liz traveled to Guatemala and Southern Mexico in order to assist in the production of the documentary film Sheer Elegance: Surviving Strands of Ancient Maya Weaving. This documentary will highlight weavers who continue to practice a rare and unique style of weaving known as Pikbíil. The practice of making this beautiful white cloth with brocaded designs may date back over 2000 years. Lizís work involved interviewing weavers, learning the art form and tracing its probable roots in images found on Classic Maya pottery, murals, and archeological sites. She will share her photographs and impressions of the amazing people, archeology and landscapes of this region.

May 28: Put This On the Map: LGBTQ Youth in Washington State

Sid Jordan Peterson presents Put This On The {Map}, a video documentary project capturing the narratives of LGBTQ young people in Washington State. From stories of getting beat-up in a schoolyard to being picked up as a runaway, we learn that LGBTQ youth exercise courage daily. Join the filmmaker in a special screening of this documentary and a post-screening discussion. In an open and welcoming atmosphere, Peterson provides an audience with a local look at critical issues and examines the changing dynamics of gender and sexuality in Washington. The audience will also learn about the filmmaking process and how video can serve as an effective tool for engaging young people in community-based research and education.

June 4: The Last Lecture

Dr. James Walton, Centralia College president, will be retiring on June 30. He has been with the college since 2002. He will share reflections from his life's journey and speak as if it was his last lecture ever. He will be speaking from the premise, "If I knew this was my last lecture I would ever give, what would I share with students?"