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Lyceum Schedule

Weekly Lyceum lectures are presented Wednesdays, 1:00-1:50 pm in Washington Hall 103 or Corbet Theatre, and are free and open to the public. Lyceum may also be taken as a one-credit Humanities course. For more information, see the Events Calendar or contact Shelley Bannish, director of Student Life & Involvement, (360) 736-9391, ext. 224.

Fall 2015 Lyceum Schedule (Humanities 1-credit class)

Sept. 23: Overview of Class

Sept. 30: Scotland, Paris, and London: First Class travel at economy prices

In summer of 2015, Centralia College physics professor Michael Threapleton took a luxurious trip to Scotland, Paris, and London. He and his wife flew first class but only paid coach fare, and stayed in five star hotels for essentially nothing. Michael will share his strategies. Trip highlights will include distilleries in the Scottish Highlands, the Paris Opera Ballet, and As You Like It at the Globe Theatre in London.

Oct. 7: A Journey In Focus

Fran Reisner will talk about her career as a photographer, the passion and focus that led to her success, and the ultimate decision to close her business, sell her home and belongings, and embark on a remarkable solo journey for three years in a motor home to experience and photograph the United States and Canada.

Oct. 14: Technology in Healthcare: A Look at the Future

Shelly Fritz, former Centralia College nursing instructor, current assistant professor of nursing at Washington State University, and National Science Foundation IGERT Fellow will discuss her research with health-assistive smart home development. The purpose of this "intelligent home" is to assist disabled persons and/or older adults in maintaining their independence, safety, and health. Fritz will also describe how future technologies will impact diagnostics, patient outcomes, the delivery of healthcare, and health policy.

Oct. 21: Debbie Wooten

Debbie Wooten is an expert in overcoming adversity. Born on the south side of Chicago with Spina Bifida and contracting polio at five months, Debbie entered a world of poverty, racism, abuse, and family suicide. Her story is a vision of the human spirit. Her real strength is getting her message across that if she can rise above poverty, abuse, prejudice, and physical barriers, anyone can succeed.

Oct. 28: Islam 101 – Perceptions, Misconceptions and Context for the 21st Century

What does it mean to be Muslim in a modern world? What if much of what we believe about Islam is incomplete or simply wrong? For more than 1.3 billion people across the world, Islam is not only their religion but a way of life. Led by scholar David Fenner, this presentation focuses on Islam and the many aspects that form the substance of a rich culture, traditions, and a way of life. This presentation is sponsored by the Humanities Washington.

Nov. 4: Reach with Me

James Hersch brings his musical lessons of outreach and service in a day-long residency at schools, retirement centers, and campus. As an advocate for community service, Hersch travels the country teaching the value of community outreach. Hersch’s recordings and published works include children's music, guitar instrumental pieces and eight albums of original songs. He holds degrees in music education and classical guitar performance.

Nov. 18: Shedding Light: Understanding the International Student Perspective

International students will discuss their experiences at Centralia College, including their first days in the U.S. and on campus, dealing with communication barriers and cultural misunderstandings, and similarities and differences between faculty-student interactions at schools in their home countries and in the U.S. There will also be a chance for those in attendance to ask the panel questions. This is a great way to shed light and bridge understanding through dialogue between international students and the college community.

Nov. 25: Native American Heritage Presentation

Dec. 2: From Farm to Cup: Beyond Fair Trade

This past year, Justin Page went to Heuheutenango, Guatemala, to meet the farmers that grow the coffee used at Santa Lucia Coffee. Besides the beautiful scenery and great food, Page traveled with a third generation coffee farmer Edwin Martinez Jr., who produces and exports his own coffee and represents other small farms located in the Guatemalan highlands. During this presentation, Page will talk about his experience and how a new model called Micro-lot is affecting coffee growers for the betterment of sustainability.