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About the College and Community

Success starts at Centralia College

Quality education and a strong tradition of achievement and excellence are trademarks of Centralia College. With more than 3,500 students, smaller classes ensure that faculty will be accessible and available to students when they are needed. Statistics show high success rates among Centralia College graduates at four-year institutions and in the professional world. Our graduates operate in national and international corporations, hold high ranking positions in government, in private business, and in hundreds of chosen professions.

What Centralia College offers

  • Small, friendly college
  • Student-to-teacher ratio is very small
  • An exciting, impressive international student program
  • Safe, friendly, caring campus community
  • Prominent faculty
  • Career counseling and student support services
  • Peer tutoring
  • Computer labs and computer assistance
  • Educational and entertaining campus activities
  • Host family services, two international houses and housing referrals
  • Specialized attention to students' individual needs
  • Orientation to the community and college campus

Your safety

Your safety is a major goal of the college. The crime rate in Centralia is low. The campus is protected by security personnel and the community police department. You will enjoy a safe, secure experience while you learn at Centralia College.

About the community

Mt. Saint Helens

Centralia and the surrounding community have a population of approximately 25,000 people. The college is centrally located in the Pacific Northwest. Centralia is 40 kilometers from the Washington state capitol city of Olympia. The larger cities of Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon are within 140 kilometers of Centralia. The spectacular Cascade Mountains, beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches, and outstanding ski resorts are within a short driving distance.

What the community offers

Tulips in the Skagit Valley of Washington

With a mild climate, the community offers various recreational activities throughout the year, all within a short distance. Hiking, skiing, fishing, camping, boating, horseback riding, attending cultural and civic events, and shopping at regional shopping centers and factory outlet discount shops are among the many activities that await all who attend Centralia College.
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What our students say...

"My favorite experience at Centralia College was making friends with students and instructors, getting good grades, and meeting a very good host father."
-Hoi Peng (Poe) Wong, Macau

"First, what I feel about Centralia College is that it is like my hometown in the United States. People are so kind and they want to share about their cultures. That is why I like Centralia."
-Masashi Tominaga, Japan

"Centralia College has prepared me for an easy transition to a four-year university."
—Yewon Han, Korea

"I met many people, like my host family, who are kind and helped me a lot."
—Tsukasa Tsuna, Japan

"The International Program is such a gateway for international students to get ready for challenge and change during their involvement on campus and in the community."
—Ning Ting, Hong Kong

"Centralia College is a small college so everybody is very friendly and knows each other. It's like a family. And Washington State scenery is very beautiful."
-Miyuki Nakamura, Japan

"The college was more culturally diverse than I thought it would be. International Night, potlucks, Cultural Caf, and my host family helped me learn more about America and its culture."
-Navin Pradhan, Nepal

"I like the classes. I felt they were very different from American high schools and the classes we take in Japan. In Japan, we just listen, and here, we do stuff and argue in class. It's much more interactive."
-Nozomi Kohama, Okinawa, Japan