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AA Degree Program in Hybrid Format

About the Hybrid AA Program


What's a hybrid, you ask? Good question.

The hybrid is your education delivered to you part online and part in-the-classroom.

You can earn your associate's degree in two years by starting Fall 2012 with the hybrid classes, taking FTF (face-to-face) classes three hours each week, then engage in discussion, contact with other students and your instructors online. This means you will spend less time attending classes on campus, and spend more time taking care of other activities during the day.

You can study and communicate with other students via your computer when it's convenient. This new, convenient delivery method begins Fall 2012 with a Tuesday psychology class, a Wednesday English 101 class, and a Thursday environmental science class.

The English and environmental science hybrid classes and the psychology class meet one day each week and begin at 5 p.m.; the remainder of instruction takes place online. Those who begin Fall 2012 quarter and follow the hybrid plan will be in a position to earn an associate's (transfer) degree in two years.

This new educational delivery program is efficient and still gives you access to all the resources available to all Centralia College students.

The hybrid classes are:
  • 4115 PSYC& 100N3 (5) 5-6:50pm T NSC 107 MacNamara
  • 3395 ENGL& 101N3 (5) 5-6:50pm W NSC 109 Foss
  • 4114 ENVS& 100N3 (5) 5-6:50pm Th NSC 110 Healy
For other details on this program contact T.R. Gratz at 360.736.9391, ext. 258.