Centralia College Foundation Awards

Every year, the Centralia College Foundation honors alumni, faculty, and staff who make a difference for Centralia College students.

2019 Distinguished Alumnus

dan haskinsDr. Dan Haskins - Class of 1973
 Dr. Dan Haskins made a positive impact through veterinary and humanitarian work in Washington State, Haiti, Brazil, Belarus, Ukraine and Kenya.

He was CEO and President at Northwest Veterinary Group, a member of the Washington State Veterinary Board of Governors, an adjunct professor at Washington State University and the 2005 Washington State Veterinarian of the Year.

He helped found MAVANA, which endows independently-managed veterinary practices with the benefits of corporate structure.

His work makes the world a better place.

2019 Exceptional Faculty Awards

sharon mitchlerDr. Sharon Mitchler

Now in her 21styear as an English and humanities professor at Centralia College, this is Mitchler’s third Exceptional Faculty Award.

“Sharon has clearly exhibited her desire to motivate students to expand their critical thinking and discourse skills in her classroom by her personal example to continue to learn and grow as an instructor,” said Centralia College Foundation Executive Director Christine Fossett. 

Mitchler earned her PhD in 2015 specifically so Centralia College students would be included in important research. “Until you have a formal title and a different kind of training, they don’t consider you,” Mitchler said. “I wanted to contribute something to the larger field … and [Centralia College students] have some powerfully different qualities.”

Mitchler is currently involved in a national eight-university study that is redefining the way English 101 and other writing courses are taught. “There’s a whole movement,” she said. “They learn to take a writing situation, figure out what they need to accomplish, who they’re writing to and what structures they need to apply, and then write it.” The curriculum is already yielding exciting results. 

peggy goldbergPeggy Goldberg

Goldberg has been a Running Start counselor at Centralia College for over two decades. She uses her private practice counseling experience and passion for animal-assisted therapy to guide young students.

“Peggy’s dedication to assisting the students and advising them – not only on classes but on their personal readiness and goals – helps them move toward success,” Fossett said.

When Goldberg earned the Exceptional Faculty Award, it came as a complete surprise. “I don’t create amazing big things,” she said, “I just love working with my students. I attempt to find what’s best for them, help them find their path, and I’m here for them when they need me.”

She brings therapy dogs to campus during finals week and gives special class presentations with her dog, Dewey. “Dog night is the most crowded study night for finals in the library,” she said. “The energy changes in a room when a dog walks in. Animals can really help decrease stress and students bond around them. They bring people together.”

Goldberg uses multiple techniques to guide and support her students. One Running Start mother recently wrote and thanked her for seeing each child as an individual and helping them find their own unique path. Goldberg enjoys the process. “I love how their eyes get opened, especially living in a smaller rural community,” she said. “They get exposed to so much at the college, it really expands their world. I love watching that develop.”

2019 Classified Staff Member of the Year

Nancy Macy (information coming soon!)

2019 SPIRE Award (Exempt Staff Member of the Year)

Liisa Preslan (information coming soon!)