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Centralia College East - Morton

BCJ Gallery at the Roxy Theater - Morton

At the door - Roxy Theater - Morton

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Sponsors of - 2013

Major Sponsors
  East County Journal
  Hampton Lumber Mills
  Highway Shopper
Logger's Jubilee   Four-U Realty
TwinStar Credit Union   Dr. Ladd Johnson
Bonnie & Larry Nelson Joanne Schwartz
Lucky Eagle Casino   Centralia College Board of Trustees
Bear Canyon Tree Farm   Marc & Louise Fisher
Patricia Siesser   Blanton's Market
Don & Lynn Bishop   Van Cleve Ford
Donna Ruby   Paul Brassey
Windermere Mountain Valley Real Estate  

Fred Schwindt & April Doolittle

Kathleen J. Purdy & Charles Craig Purdy   William & Sue Watt
Smith & Son Grocery   Michelle Birley
Bloomstrom Construction   Awards West
Concept Realty   Geneva S. Partridge
Seasons Motel    

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