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Cast - Ties That Bind

Character   Actor    
Young Faith Squires   Breana Kelly    
Edythe Stout
Miss Gottfried
  Angie McKenzie    
Addie Kuchenhausen
Mrs. Gottfried
  April Doolittle    
Elder Shade Conley   Bruce Roberts    
Ophelia Coleman   Caro Sodorff    
Katie Conley   Coleen Reeder    
Elder Hazel Stout   Elysa Ray    
James Conley   Fred Schwindt    
Charles Stout   Gary Morgan    
Child Hazel Stout
Young Hope Squires
  Hannah Loflin    
Child Ruby Stout   Haylee Morgan    
Photographer   Ian Louderback    
Casper Stout   Jake Parkison    
Doctor Feagles   Jason Eck    
Child Shade Conley
Young A.J.Kuchenhaueen
  Jeremy Reeder    
Child Faith Squires
Young Charity Squires
  Jessica Boling    
Clara Stout   Jessica Myers    
Otto Cottler   John Reeder    
Myrtle Stout   Judy Morgan    
Child Hope Squires
Young Ruby Stout
  Madalyn Brigham    
Maude Johnson   Marian Kratzer    
Nathaniel Cooper   Nathaniel Bacon    
Pius Cottler   Ron Field    
Young Hazel Stout   Sarah LaChester    
Mrs. Clevinger   Shar Hendricksen    
Young Shade Conley   Zach O’Neill    
Elder Squires Sisters   Louise Fisher
Lynda Nanney
Mary Lou Thornton
Artistic Director   Lynne Olmos    
Music Director   Martha Sturgeon    
Co-Producers   Kelli Bloomstrom
April Doolittle
Technical Director   Paul Olmos