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Centralia College East - Morton

BCJ Gallery at the Roxy Theater - Morton

At the door - Roxy Theater - Morton

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Roxy theater
233 W. Main
Morton, WA 98356

June 2
  2:00 pm
Tuesday   June 4   7:00 pm
June 9
  2:00 pm

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For more information contact these folks:

• Artistic Director—Lynne Olmos 360-388-6577 (cell) lolmos@mossyrockschools.org or ivylynne@hotmail.com

• Music Director—Martha Sturgeon 360-269-3716 (cell) msturgeon@mossyrockschools.org or inerje@tds.net

• Technical Director—Paul Olmos 360-388-6576 (cell) paul@lewiscounty.com

• Producers—Kelli Bloomstrom 360-736-9391 ext. 380, 360-496-5022 kbloomstrom@centralia.edu and April Doolittle 360-496-5599 (home) sunrise@lewiscounty.com

Contact Lynne Olmos if you wish to audition by appointment.

Further information for your audition

Where: Centralia College East, 701 Airport Way, Morton,
360-496-5022 or 360-736-9391 ext. 380

Who: Actors, musicians, singers, and dancers
The Ties That Bind cast includes:

2 principal women's roles
2 principal girls' roles
2 principal men's roles
2 principal boys' roles
5-8 supporting women's roles
6-9 supporting men's roles
8 supporting children's roles
Country musicians
A large ensemble with some lines, singing, and dancing

How: Show up ready to read lines, sing, and participate in simple choreography.
To audition for a principal role, please prepare contrasting musical selections (one a cappella and the other accompanied). A pianist will be on hand.
Contact director Lynne Olmos if you wish to audition by appointment.

Musicians: Please come to auditions or contact Lynne Olmos or Martha Sturgeon. We would love to incorporate you into the story.

Rehearsals: Monday-Thursday, 6:30-9:00pm, June 24 (except July 4) to dress rehearsal August 2. Once you are cast, you will receive a rehearsal schedule that will specify the rehearsals you need to attend.

Participation cost: Participants register for one or more Centralia College classes:

Credit options:

DRMA 115 Dramatic Performance (5 credits)
DRMA 100 Applied Drama (technical crew) (3 credits)
MUSC 216 Choir (1 credit)
MUSC 213 Performance Ensemble (musicians) (1 credit)

Non-credit options:

ASI 054 Community Theater—Creative Aspects ($20)
ASI 055 Community Theater—Technical Aspects ($20)
CS 162 Summer Musical (children) ($10)

Performances: ROXY THEATER, Morton
Saturday August 3   7:00 p.m.
Sunday August 4   2:00 p.m. matinee
Tuesday August 6   7:00 p.m.
Wednesday August 7   7:00 p.m.
Saturday August 10   7:00 p.m.
Sunday August 11   2:00 p.m. matinee

Please see CCEast's Schedule for more class information.