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Masks by Barbara Burres - Vann Cantin's Art Class - Fall 2015
Centralia College East's Beautiful Sign - Spring 2017

About CCEast

Centralia College East (CCEast), located in Morton, represents Centralia College's dedication to meeting educational needs of the residents of central and eastern Lewis County. CCEast provides registration services, educational advising and tutoring, Running Start, career counseling, assistance with financial aid, adult literacy tutoring, GED, T.E.E.N. program for pregnant and parenting teens, placement testing (COMPASS), and online access to Centralia College's library resources. Some classes connect CCEast students to the main campus via interactive television. The CCEast Organization of Students offers additional activities for students. The mission of Centralia College East is to provide an environment that nurtures learning by providing:

  • Basic skill development
  • Local access to resources for technical training
  • Associate degree programs
  • Lifelong learning opportunities to help students attain personal, family, and career goals
  • Student-centered support services
  • Cultural activities for the community

Updated: May 9, 2017

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Catalog and Schedules:

Spring 2017
Community Education

  • Tai Chi Basics
  • Better Bones and Balance
  • Adventure PE - Hiking
  • Mount St. Helens Field Trip
  • Health and Wellness
  • Introduction to Digital Cameras
  • Intro to Spanish II
  • Flagging Training & Certification

Call (360) 496-5022 for more information.

Peril of the Plains (and other foolery)
Audition Announcement

Lyceum Lecture Series
The Lyceum Lecture Series offers a variety of lectures on topics of interest across a variety of disciplines. Drop in for an individual lecture, or support the series and register for the class. Lectures begin Spring Quarter. Registration may be done in person or over the phone. Please call Lynn Schinnell at (360) 496-5022 for more information.

The Lyceum schedule for spring 2017.