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Centralia College East - Morton

BCJ Gallery at the Roxy Theater - Morton

At the door - Roxy Theater - Morton

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Sponsors of - 2016

Major Sponsors
  East County Journal
  Hampton Lumber Mills
  Highway Shopper


Roxy Season Corporate Sponsors - 2016

Support of $10,000 or more:
Port Blakely Tree Farms LP
Support of $3,000 or more:
West Fork Timber Company, LLC - Mineral
Support of $2,000 or more:
Alta Forest Products
Support of $1,750 or more:
East County Journal
Hampton Lumber Mills - Cowlitz Division
Support of $1,000 or more:
Colton Pharmacy
Morton Country Market
Port Blakely Tree Farms LP
Support of $900 or more:
Morton General Hospital
Support of $500 or more:
Harrison Christian’s Nisqually Lodge
Crest Trail Lodge
Mill Village Motel
ALP Tax and Accounting Service—Anne L. Piper, CPA
2016 Sponsors
Seasons Motel   Dr. Ladd Johnson
Security State Bank
Morton Branch
  Centralia College Board of Trustees
Fred Schwindt   April Doolittle
Martin, Susan & Kate Fortin   William & Susanne Watt
Joanne Schwartz   Four-U-Realty / Bill Truitt
Geneva Partridge   The Mountain Goat Coffee Company
Brian Donner   Bloomstrom Construction
Don & Lynn Bishop   Michele Birley
Wellspring Spa at Mt. Rainier   Alta Forest Products
Jeffrey Cook
Donna Ruby   Packwood Ace Hardwares
Wayne L. Clark   Pat Seisser

If you would like to be a sponsor, please complete the "Beauty and the Beast" Patron Form and send it to CCEast or call Centralia College East at the number listed below.

We will make a link to your web site free of charge; please include your web address when you complete your form.

If you did not receive your patron form - please call 360-496-5022 or use the form found under the Patron Form link above.