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Crew Member
Executive Producer
  Kelli Bloomstrom    
Co-Producer   April Doolittle    
Production Assistants   Angela Kiehn
Pamela Hays
Artistic Director
Lynne Olmos    
Music Director   Martha Sturgeon    
Music Co-Director   Brad Nelson    
Assistant & Technical Director        
Esthetic Advisor & Choreographer   Erika Joeres-Broska    
Vocal Coaches   TBA    
Set / Technical Design Team   Bruce Roberts    
    Elysa Ray    
Set / Prop Creation  

Bruce Roberts

    Elysa Ray    
    The Cast    
Costumers   Louise Fisher    
Lighting Technician   Jason Eck    
Sound Technicians   TBA    
Stage Manager   TBA    
Make-up & Hair Artists   TBA    
House Managers   TBA    
Box Office   Kelli Bloomstrom    
Ushers   TBA    
Publicity   April Doolittle    
    Angela Kiehn    
Fundraising   Kelli Bloomstrom    
    Angela Kiehn    
Bookkeeper   Angela Kiehn    
Graphics   Joli Winsett
    Amanda Haines    
Web Page & Program   Terry Burres