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Crew Member
Executive Producer
  Kelli Bloomstrom    
Co-Producer   April Doolittle    
Production Assistants   Debra Barnett    
Artistic Director
Lynne Olmos    
Music Director   Martha Sturgeon    
Music Co-Director   Brad Nelson    
Assistant & Technical Director        
Esthetic Advisor & Choreographer   Erika Joeres-Broska    
Vocal Coaches   TBA    
Set / Technical Design Team   Bruce Roberts    
    Elysa Ray    
Set / Prop Creation  

Bruce Roberts

    Elysa Ray    
    The Cast    
Costumers   Louise Fisher    
Lighting Technician   Jason Eck    
Sound Technicians   TBA    
Stage Manager   TBA    
Make-up & Hair Artists   TBA    
House Managers   TBA    
Box Office   Kelli Bloomstrom    
Ushers   TBA    
Publicity   April Doolittle    
Fundraising   Kelli Bloomstrom    
Bookkeeper   Debra Barnett    
Graphics   Sean Willson    
    Amanda Haines    
Web Page & Program   Terry Burres