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Financial Aid Student Portal

Welcome to the Financial Aid Portal, a new secure website provided by Centralia College so students can view their financial aid status and awards 24 hours a day/7 days a week. If you have applied for financial aid at Centralia College you can view your financial aid status in our new Financial Aid Portal.

How to log in to the financial aid portal:

  • Click on the Financial Aid Portal button below
  • Enter your User Name (your social security number)
  • Enter your Password (your Global PIN, issued by Registration, also used to access student web services)
    Your initial Global PIN will be your birth date in mmddyy format:
    For example, a student born on January 1, 1987, will need to enter 010187

Login to Financial Aid Portal:

financial aid student portal


  • Can't remember your Global Pin or need help resetting it? Contact the Enrollment Services Office at or 360-623-8976.
  • Have questions about accessing the portal or the information it contains? Contact the Financial Aid Office at or 360-623-8975.

The Financial Aid Portal will allow you to view:

My Awards — View your financial aid awards.
In this section you will be able to see how much you have been awarded for each quarter that you are attending.
  • If you are eligible for funding an email will be sent to your Centralia College student email account alerting you that you have financial aid awards to review.
  • You will have the option of accepting or declining each award by using the dropdown menu for each fund.
  • By accepting your awards you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the award, Conditions of Award, Work Study Flyer, and Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.
  • If you want a paper copy of your awards, you can print the list of awards from this section. If you need an official paper copy of your award stop by the Financial Aid Office and a staff member will be able to assist you.
  • Please be aware that if you are enrolled, your tuition and fees are automatically paid from your awards. You must officially withdraw or your financial aid awards will be cancelled and you will owe Centralia College for your tuition and fees. If you decide not to attend, it is your responsibility to officially drop your classes within the 100% refund period of the quarter (this is typically the first 5 days of the quarter)
  • Work Study awards do not apply towards tuition and fees. A Work Study award is only an estimate of what you might earn if you are hired for a Work Study position, work, and submit monthly timesheets. For more information on your Work Study award contact the Student Job Center at 360-623-8974.
Additional Information — See personalized messages from the Financial Aid Office.
Often additional information or documentation is required of you, it will appear in the "Information We Need From You" section – however, the "Additional Information" section allows financial aid administrators to explain in greater detail items you may be required to complete before your financial aid can be awarded.

Information We Need From You — See what documentation and/or information the Financial Aid Office needs from you.
If you are required to submit a document or clarify information for your financial aid file, you can see exactly what that is here. Items that do NOT have a "Date Received" posted are items that must still be submitted to, or resolved with, the Financial Aid Office before your financial aid file can be reviewed.

All forms should be completed electronically using the Download Required e-Forms feature.
  • You may download required forms by clicking on the download icon download icon in the "Download Required e-Forms" column.

Important things to look for:

Having a "CANCELLED – MUST APPEAL" code means that based on a review of your academic transcripts you have not met the financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policy, examples include credit completion, GPA, or timeframe. You do have the option of submitting an appeal. Appeal forms are located on the Financial Aid Forms webpage.

Having a "CANCELLED – QUARTER ON OUR OWN" code means that you were previously on an appeal and did not met the criteria of your appeal. At this time you must attend one quarter, in at least half- time (six credits) enrollment, using your own resources and complete all credits enrolled in with at least a 2.00 grade point average (GPA) in each class. The credits you enroll in must satisfy requirements for the degree that financial aid is funding. Upon successful completion, please submit a new appeal form to the Financial Aid Office at the end of the quarter you attend using your own resources.

Having a "CORRECT YOUR FAFSA" code means that you need to review your FAFSA and make a correction. The most common correction items are missing signatures and incorrect tax information.

Getting a "FILE COMPLETED & REVIEWED" code means that all required paperwork has been received and your file is considered complete as of the "Date Due" date. Once your file has been reviewed you will see a "Date Received" date and award information will be viewable in the "My Award" section soon.
  • It is important you check your financial status regularly as your status can change based on the review of your information.
  • If your "Date Due" date is later than the current quarters FA Hold Deadline you will be responsible for paying you tuition and fees. Also, if you need to purchase books while waiting for an award notification, you will need to purchase them on your own. For information regarding Centralia College's tuition payment plan options, see Tuition Payment Options or contact Debbie Walker at: or 360-623-8646.

Having a "NOT ELIGIBLE FOR FINANCIAL AID" code means that you are not eligible for any grants or work study funding. You will receive an email at your Centralia College student email account notifying you of the alternative funding options that are available.