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Consumer Information Disclosures

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 requires that postsecondary institutions participating in federal student aid programs make certain disclosures to enrolled and prospective students, parents, employees, and the public. Centralia College believes in the transparency of information to assisting students in making informed choices about their education. The following information is disclosed to you to assist in making the best choice regarding your education. Please visit the following websites or call the contact below for more information or to request paper copies of the information.

  • General College Information
    Family Education Rights and Privacy ACT (FERPA)
    FERPA provides legal protection for your educational records. Information concerning the privacy of your educational records is available online, in the catalog, and in paper from the Enrollment Services Office.
    Enrollment Services Office: 360-623-8976

    Services for students with Disabilities
    Centralia College prioritized access to campus facilities for all students and ensures students receive reasonable accommodations to educational resources. Information about facilities and services available to students with disabilities is available through the Disability Services office.
    Disability Services Office: 360-623-8966

    Enrollment Services Information
    Information about transferring credit and withdrawing from classes is readily available online and in the college catalog.
    Enrollment Services: 360-623-8976

    Instructional and Program Information
    The Office of Instruction maintains accurate and timely academic information for students including: Office of Instruction: 360-623- 8929

    Campus map and staff directory
    Centralia College has an online campus map and faculty and staff directory to ease navigation and communication for students.
    College Relations Office: 360-623-8428

    Textbook price information
    The Centralia College Bookstore provides textbook and supply cost information through their interactive online tool.
    Bookstore: 360-623-8964

    Civic engagement
    The Associated Student of Centralia College (ASCC) support civic engagement among students by offering programming on Constitution Day and by encouraging all students to participate in local, state and national elections. To promote involvement, the ASCC distributes voter registration forms to students annually at the Welcome Week event and encourages students to register to vote online all year.
    Student Life and Involvement Center: 360-623-8972

    Student complaint process
    After exhausting the internal complaint process, students have the right to file a complaint with the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.
    State Board for Community and Technical Colleges: 360-704-4334

    HB 1795 disclosure statement
    RCW 28B.15.0681(5)(a) and (b) require that institutions of higher education provide the following information to all undergraduate resident students.
    (a) The sources of all institutional revenue received during the prior academic or fiscal year, including but not limited to state, federal, local, and private sources;
    (b) The uses of tuition revenue collected during the prior academic or fiscal year by program category as determined by the office of financial management.
    This information is also available online (PDF).

    2018-19 State Support and Student Costs for Washington State Community and Technical Colleges
    Educational Cost Statement: The average cost to educate a resident full-time community or technical college student for the 2018-19 academic year is $8,640. Students pay an average of $3,192 in tuition toward this cost. The remaining $5,448 is an “opportunity pathway” provided by the State and is funded by state taxes and other sources. The amounts shown are averages for a full-time, resident student. The actual tuition a student pays will vary due to credit load, residency status and other factors.
  • Financial Aid
    Important financial aid information
    Centralia College provides a comprehensive blend of financial aid opportunities for students. Important financial aid information is available for students on the financial aid webpage including: Financial Aid Office: 360-623- 8975

    Cost of attending Centralia College
    The general cost of attending Centralia College is published online. In addition to the general published costs of attending, students may use the Net Price Calculator to find personalized estimates on the costs of attending Centralia College.
    Financial Aid Office: 360-632-8975
  • Health and Safety Information
    Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness
    Centralia College has a clear statement of non-discrimination, which includes the identification of the Title IX Coordinator and contact information.
    Julie Huss: 360-623-8474

    Vaccinations Policy
    Centralia College does not require students to be vaccinated. Centralia College will maintain compliance with vaccination requirements of individually certified programs, including but not limited to: Child and Family Studies, Nursing Assistant Certified, Emergency Medical Technician , Medical Assistant, and Nursing.
    Human Resources Office: 360-623-8943

    Drug and Alcohol Use and Prevention
    Centralia College has a drug and alcohol use policy for staff and students. The staff policy is managed by the Vice President of Human Resources and the student policy is managed by the Vice President of Student Services.
    Vice President of Human Resources: 360-623-8474
    Vice President of Student Services: 360-623-8385

    Campus safety
    The annual Campus Safety/Security Report and Fire Safety Report provide information to the public about incidents that happen on campus or at college-sponsored events.
    Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance: 360-623-8947
  • Student Success Outcome Information
    Copyright infringement and file-sharing information
    Information regarding Centralia College’s Copyright Infringement and D65igital Millennium Copyright Act Policies is available.
    Kirk Library: 360-623-8956

    Completion and retention rates by gender and ethnicity
    The National Center for Educational Statistics hosts the College Navigator Information Portal. On the College Navigator portal, the public can find Centralia College's student success rates by gender, ethnicity, and Pell eligibility.
    Enrollment Services: 360-623-8976

    Athlete completion and graduation information
    Centralia College publishes the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act report and athlete demographics, scholarships and transfer rates on the athletics webpage.
    Athletics Office: 360-623-8926

    Gainful employment disclosures for short-term certificate students
    Cost, financing, and success information for Centralia College students who are interested in short-term certificates is available on the Gainful Employment webpage.
    Office of Instruction: 360-623-8929

    Teacher preparation annual reports
    The bachelor's degree program in teacher education will begin in fall 2017. The first annual report will be submitted around December 2018. For more information, visit the Bachelor's Degree in Teacher Education homepage for additional program details.
    Dean of Child & Family Studies: 360-623-8433

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