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Centralia College Wireless Network

The Centralia College wireless network is provided for the educational and business needs of current students, employees and guests of the College. The wireless network is not a public Internet access network. Access codes are required for all Centralia College wireless networks.

Map of access point locations.

How do I connect to the wireless network?

It is expected that people connecting to the wireless network are familiar with their equipment or devices.

When you open your available wireless connections menu or dialog box you will see all, some or more available wireless networks than shown here.

Select and connect to the wireless network that you have an access code for.

Employees should consult MyCC for instruction on connecting to CCStaff.

If you are connecting with a Windows OS device you may be asked to select the type of network you are connecting to (see visual below). You should always consider wireless networks that you do not control as unsecured and identify them as "Public network's. windows device will take greater measures to protect your device from intrusion.

Which network should I use?

BlazerNET is intended for use of the student body and casual guests of the campus. Access codes are posted around campus. Access codes are changed routinely, with limited overlap between quarters.

BlazerHOUSE is provided for the use of residential students. Each resident is provided an individual login to BlazerHOUSE.

Who can help me? 
Washington Hall, Room 201

Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm

Summer Hours:
Monday–Thursday, 7:30am–5pm
Friday, 7:30–11am