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Centralia College Wireless Network

The Centralia College wireless network is provided for the educational and business needs of current students, employees and guests of the College. The wireless network is not a public Internet access network. Passwords are required for all Centralia College wireless networks.

Which network should I use?

BlazerNET is intended for use of the student body on the campus. Students will log into the BlazerNET Wireless with their Student Email Username (firstname.lastname) and Password.

BlazerHOUSE is provided for the use of residential students. Each resident is provided an individual login to BlazerHOUSE. For information regarding access, please contact Price Peterson at 360-623-8555 or email

CCStaff is for employees of Centralia College. Instructions on how to log in to CCStaff are located on MyCC -> Administration -> Information Technology.

Who can help me? 
Washington Hall, Room 201

Fall, Winter, & Spring Hours:
Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm

Summer Hours:
Monday–Thursday, 7:30am–5pm
Friday, 7:30–11am