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Fiscal and Auxiliary Services

The Fiscal and Auxiliary Services Department provides financial services to Centralia College including:
  • Fiscal planning and accounting
  • Cashiering
  • Grant accounting and student payment plans
  • Foundation and Fund accounting
  • Investments
  • Risk management
  • Contract administration
  • Instructional budget development
  • Auxiliary services (Bookstore, Food Services, and Student Housing)
  • Central Services (mail, receiving, motor pool, printing)
  • Purchasing and inventory
  • Annual Financial Report

    The accounts of Centralia College are maintained in accordance with policies and regulations established by Washington State and its Office of Financial Management. The Annual Financial Reports are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, following the guidance of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.

    2015 Financial Report (PDF)
    2014 Financial Report (PDF)

  • Bookstore
    Lower Level
    Student Center Building

    The bookstore provides textbooks, supplies, collegiate clothing, and tools for a wide variety of interests.

    Centralia College Bookstore

  • Business Office
    Room 103
    Hanson Administration Building

    The Business Office is responsible for all of the financial transactions and record keeping for the college.

  • Cashier's Office
    Second floor
    Student Center Building

    The cashier processes the following payments:

    • Tuition
    • Daycare fees
    • Testing fees
    • Library or parking fines
    • The cashier can also:

    • Provide outside scholarship vouchers
    • Provide a free Twin Transit bus pass
    • Distribute employee paychecks
    • Order student transcripts
    Tuition Payment Options
  • Central Services and Purchasing
    South Entrance
    Tech Building

    The Central Services and Purchasing Office procures equipment, supplies, and services for:

    • Centralia College
    • Centralia College East (Morton)
    • Garrett Heyns Education Center (Shelton)
    • Cedar Creek Corrections Center (Littlerock)

    Central Services is also responsible for:

    • Campus printing
    • Incoming and outgoing mail
    • Motor pool
    • Equipment inventory
    • Surplus property

    Central Services and Purchasing

  • Food Services
    First Floor
    Student Center Building

    The Blazer Bite has a wide variety of food products and offers a daily lunch special

    Blazer Bite Cafeteria

  • Instructional Grants and Contracts
    Room 105
    Hanson Administration Building

    This Office provides fiscal support to instructional deans and managers. This includes assisting budget development and tracking all instructional grants and contracts.

  • Student Housing

    Limited housing is available for international students and Centralia College athletes.

    For details, call 360-736-9391, ext. 486.

Fiscal & Auxiliary Services

Marla Miller, Director
(360) 736-9391, ext. 486


Tammy Strodemier, Director, ext. 441
Krista Goff, Buyer, ext.573

Business Office

Cliff Frederickson, Assistant Director of Fiscal Services, ext. 454
Angela Williams, Accounts Receivable, ext. 278
Dick Lamb, General Ledger, Investments, ext. 283
Pam Chapman, Accounts Payable, ext. 302
Sue Young, Foundation and Fund Accounting, ext. 471

Cashier's Office

Georgia McKinley, Lead Cashier, ext. 219
Debbie Walker, Payment Plan, ext.517

Central Services & Purchasing

Bonnie Myer, Director, ext. 230
Brenda Novarra-Schaible, Receiving, Inventory, ext.402
Alex Romero, Printing, Mail, ext. 402

Food Services

Tami Weinmann, Supervisor, ext. 361
Stephanie Klamn, Checkstand Operator, ext.240

Instructional Grants & Contracts

Renee Lawson, Supervisor, ext. 292
Debbie Walker, ext.517
Nikki Sprague, ext.769

Student Housing

Marla Miller, ext. 486

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