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Worker Retraining

Worker Retraining is a partnership between community and technical colleges and Washington State WorkSource to provide job training for dislocated, unemployed workers and those who face imminent layoffs. While enrolled in approved training programs, students may draw unemployment benefits to the extent of their entitlement. The Worker Retraining program may assist eligible students with tuition, books, and child care. Students may also be eligible for living expenses (Training Completion Aid) upon exhausting unemployment benefits.

Step-by-step assistance getting started in a new career

Who is eligible for Worker Retraining?

  • Veterans
  • Self Employed
  • Displaced Homemakers
  • Collecting Unemployment Insurance

Worker Retraining financial aid is an additional funding source that may help cover start-up tuition, cost of books and some other training related expenses after regular financial aid processes are completed.

For more information about Worker Retraining, contact Joanie Meister, (360) 736-9391, ext 385, Joanie Meister.

Funding sources such as Opportunity Grants, Workfirst, and Basic Food Employment/Training (BFET) are coordinated to maximize funding and to stretch financial resources.

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